Windows 11 is out today. Is there any reason for QQers to upgrade from Windows 10?


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Windows 11 is a free upgrade for people already Windows 10. But "free" does not necessarily mean that it makes sense to upgrade, at least for now. I tend not to be an early adopter of new Windows releases. Is there anything new in Windows 11 to make it worth taking the plunge?
Completely agree?!😊👍
I used to jump on upgrades of everything, especially O/S's. I 'had to have the latest and greatest' of everything that came out.

NO MORE. There is no way I am leaping into Windows 11. Sorry MS, not this time. I finally have my W10 working as it should and I am NOT going to get involved in new stuff at this point.

Best of luck to those who dare, I am sure it will be an eventuality, but for now, not me!
I got a notice during a check for updates yesterday about Win 11 upgrade. I DL'd the software to check if my machine was compatible. It isn't due to the processor. And the processor is an 8th gen Intel i7, 2.2gHz. What?????
If you Google "should I upgrade to Windows 11," you'll get a dozen reviews that all sound the same theme: no rush. Some nice cosmetic updates, some changes to the way updates & security patches are handled, some potential upgrades to gaming speed. Otherwise: don't be in a hurry. And if your computer doesn't have a relatively new (>2018) processor, you probably won't be offered the free upgrade anyway.
There's no way my HTPC qualifies with a 2nd-gen i3. My main PC has a Ryzen 2700X, which Microsoft grudgingly agreed to add to supported processors - doesn't inspire me to jump on the bandwagon.
I've seen a number of threads on audio forums talking about Windows 11 and apparently this is going to cause the largest exodus to Linux that anyone has seen. Careful with MacOS too! Post-Jobs Apple isn't very Apple-like anymore. They're both doing blacklist/white list stuff to lock out fully compatible hardware to try to force people into buying new machines. That kind of behavior is triggering to me and turns me off from a company very quickly!
I've been very pleasantly surprised actually. I do my work and most of everything else on my mac, but I have a Windows machine specifically for my music, and the new upgrade has done it a lot of good. It's snappier and seems happier now. Very early on, but I say upgrade if your machine supports it.
will stay constipated with Win. 10 as long as possible, not even really comfortable with 10 yet, as I'm still really a Win. 7 fanboy. Less bloat, easier use, stability and security is what I'm looking for and 7 is long past - sure 11 may be free for a short time now, but they have to continually put out something new and shiny to appease share holders I'm guessing 💰

Ultimately, I'll wait until it becomes more mature and tested.
The gaslighting these days is really over the top!
FYI, any i7 (including the watered down i5, i3 versions) is current generation. They also sell low budget 'netbook' style machines these days with circa 2001 CPU speeds (but newer graphics). You could easily buy something new that is a significant downgrade from a higher end machine from 10 years ago. Careful out there!

Keep your OS installers on hand! You should be able to reinstall your OS from the ground up. Keep a working SSD in your machine for OS/apps. Hard drive cloning apps (like Carbon Copy Cloner) are your friend. Now you can make copies of your OS/app install that boot your machine. You want this.

Computers have two modes: Computer & paperweight.
Don't rick paperweight mode because you didn't have a clone of your OS drive kicking around!

For continued example, if you instelled a new version of your OS and found it broke something or you just didn't like it, it would take 5 minutes to overwrite your primary drive from the clone backup. (Only changed files would be copied.) And now you're back to your old system exactly how you left it. Even though that new installer didn't give you any way to roll back with it's features.
I may have opened up Pandora’s Box here but that’s to be expected when you bring up the question of “upgrading” your computer OS. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to sit tight here and let other more daring souls be like beta tasters. I am, however, curious to know if there’s anything in W11 on the audio software side that might potentially make for an easier and/or better experience sound wise for those of us who play our music off a hard/NAS drive. 🤔
I'm really pissed about the planned obsolescence thing. I have an i7-4790k from 2014 and a GTX 1080Ti eating any game I throw at it for breakfast, just set all options to max and play. What, I'm supposed to throw this machine out and buy a new one so I can run Win 11?! Seriously, wtf.

This is completely irresponsible and unacceptable in times of climate change and hardware shortages. I've been running Linux as my main OS since 2009 and only keep Windows around for gaming. I'm hoping Valve perfects their Proton technology in the coming few years to make every last game playable on Linux.

I really hope there'll be a massive exodus to Linux (or Mac, I guess), and Microsoft really feels this. I hear good things about Zorin OS and tinkered with it in a VM today, it looks really slick, versatile and user-friendly.