Yamaha YSP-1 Digital Sound Projector Speakers

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Jun 14, 2005
Here's my review 6-16-2005
By the way,there is a newer slightly smaller model,that costs less.
And, the original model looks like it's gone from initial selling
price of $1299 to $1499 or so I've seen.

Don't know if this has been covered,but I just heard the new Yamaha
surround speaker D(...)-1.(Ken Cranes in Pasadena, Kalifornia)
It works ok and sometimes great for movie soundtraks,but for
music in full discrete 4 or 5.1 it just doesn't cut it..yet.
The concept is very interesting since it uses DSP processing and
an array of speakers in a rather oversized center channel speaker
box to create a 5.1 soundstage-reinforced with a subwolfer of your
@ $1200.00+, I'll wait.

1 speaker 5 channels..those inscrutible Japanese!"
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May 6, 2005
I just listened to both the older and the newer units at a retailer. Bottomline is I am not buying either. Just like every DSP based faux-surround system that I have listened to, the Yamaha is initially impressive. Soon, though, as the ears adjust to what is going on, the illusion crumbles. After that, the DSP generated additional signals just muddy the sound without achieving their intended purposes.

This may work better for movies than music where the surround effects are not constant. The ears may then not see through the illusion as quickly. May be.