Yes Symphonic Live DVD-V

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Mar 9, 2002
I just bought the "Yes Symphonic Live" Music Video!
I listened the the d.t.s. 5.1 version of this 2 disc set- {second disc is dolby digital bonus material }. I am a big Yes fan and I must say , I was very impressed by the sound quality and presentation of this video disc! This is a Symphonic backed Live concert recorded in Amsterdam.
The use of the Symphonic Backing was Excelent! The European Orchestra was very young but was very enthusiastic, thou most may have been to young when these songs all came to be. The majority of them being female, and very much in the eye of the camera operators, for good reason, as some were very excited and added to the action and enthusiasim of the audiance.
Jon Andersons Voice was placed in the center channel and blended in to the surounding channels ever so slightly . His voice after all these years was Excelent! As for the rest of the vocals they were blended into the channels also but some more to one side and some to the others giving a very nice sound stage. Use of the back surround channels was very good. The Orchastra was mixed in very well through out also.
If you like Yes This is a very good video to pick up as the best of the 30 year span of Yes is in there! Some of my very, very, favorite songs , that I didn't expect to be on there were done so well that I played the whole 2 1/2 hour disc 3 times It was that good! They opened with "Close To The Edge" and went right into "Long Distance Runaround". Further on the did a full version of "Ritual" with the backing Orchestra it was Awsome! Listening to this brought me back to younger days of seeing Yes live out doors in Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, New Jersey! They Sounded So much like I had remebered them sounding! The only person or persons missing would be Rick Wakeman or Patrick Moraz, either on keyboards was excelent, but the keyboardist{Tom Brislin} did an admirable job. I would have liked to see Vangelis as the keyboardist but If your a Yes fan I highly recomend this. Sound is Excelent -Excelent!



IF you like YES with a symphony, look for the CD called Symphonic YES. Its a couple years old and I believe it's with the London Philharmonic. Most of the YES clan is on the CD and the orchestra is much better that the Amsterdam group. Their version of Roundabout is the full album cut and its a killer. The CD is not DTS but it is in dolby surround.