Zomba Records Announces Plans for 10 SACDs in 2002

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Mar 2, 2003
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Zomba to make product available on high-quality multi-channel Super Audio CD format

London, 18 February 2002 - The Zomba Group of Companies - the world's leading and largest independent music company - today announced that it intends to puts its full support behind the high-quality multi-channel surround sound format.

During 2002, Zomba expects to release up to 10 albums on the Super Audio CD format which has been jointly developed by Philips and Sony. These releases will consist of a combination of best-selling new releases and catalogue titles and will mainly feature UK and European repertoire.

Stuart Watson, managing director of Zomba's International Record Group, says: "Zomba recognises the substantial potential of this impressive new format as a way of giving our artists' dedicated fans a new musical experience and innovative extra features. We will be looking closely at this multi-channel format for classic albums and priority acts."

Martin Dodd, Zomba's vice president of A&R, Europe, says: "Creatively, 5.1 is a truly amazing experience. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities. I can't wait for it to become part of the recording process, rather than just being a mixing issue."

Scott Maclachlan, head of A&R at Zomba Records UK, adds: "Digital technology is already improving the quality of how people can view their films and this has raised the bar on increased pleasure for the everyday person. The Super Audio CD format is merely an extension of this. As people's ears are opened to the possibilities, we in the record sector need to be ready to fulfill their expectations and give them the ultimate listening experience."

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