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Better to have a poorly authored title, than No physical media (as long as the actual sound is okay). You can always convert or redo a disc yourself.

The one thing we don’t want is to have the record companies stop selling physical media. As it is, that’s exactly what some labels are doing. I agree it’s stupid when we get amateurish authored discs occasionally.

Being a fan of this stuff means we get what we get and have to learn to like it, for better or worse. That’s always been the story here. We’re trying to build a larger market with what we have. And so far, we’re doing pretty great. Never has there been so many surround sound releases at one time in the past year, in the history of QQ that one can recall.

Now, if the actual audio is messed up, that’s a different story. And if you can’t play a disc, that’s not helpful. But, we have to keep the market going the best we can. And buy what we want and can afford.
If there’s an issue with a specific title, wouldn’t it be more productive to post comments/complaints in the discussion section for said title? And then, if everyone else is having the same problem, from there, the title discussion thread, organize a complaint to where it might get the most attention? Just my 2 cents..
Could all of this just be firmware issues? Not exactly unknown.

And i'm wondering why those who have issues don't list exactly what they are
I just returned the three that have the "newbie" authoring error of cutting off the first seconds of each song.

People, if we let them get away with this they will keep doing the same so I recommend all of you guys return it as a "DEFECTIVE ITEM" especially if you used Ppal to purchase it.

And curiously enough all three were done by the same people, Visual Media:

Steven Wilson-The Harmony Codex
King Crimson- Lark's Tongues in Aspic 50th
XTC- the Big Express

If you can , also please do like @HomerJAU didi and send an email telling them we are not going to take this hastily arranged products.
I have LTiA and tHC and I hadn't noticed but I will be glad to check. Sometimes I zone out or get distracted by something else and miss things. Is there a better description in another thread so I know what I am looking for? Any particular songs or all of them?
You know I wonder if the rookie mistake is encoding separate M2TS files for each track instead of a big M2TS file without authoring it in a seamless-playback mode...can anybody confirm? Ideally if you're not using the weird seamless-playback stuff, you'd want the entire album to be one M2TS file to avoid desyncs...
Blu-ray player firmware updates have, historically, caused many playback issues ( like when Oppo decided no more SACD-R playback). IMHO this business plan/ formal complaint (unless there’s more detail, which I hope there is) is weak if it hasn’t proven that hardware issues are not to blame. Certainly way too weak to ask us blindly to sign on to a petition when our discs play fine. I have nothing to tell the authoring house.
I think it would be helpful for those with cut-off issues to list the equipment in line. I certainly know that my oder equipment doesn't play well with some newer discs. Such as inability to actually play DTS MA HD on an Oppo 95 that worked perfectly fine on the UBP X800-M2. I didn't notice any issue with the three discs mentioned, and I played them all on the Sony player.
Are you sure you've investigated this properly before sending out a mayday mayday? Maybe it's your setup?

This was my thought, too. FWIW, my old Oppo player used to do this. When I replaced it with a new Sony, it still happened. Then I realized that my receiver's surround setting was set to "auto detect." That caused the first few seconds to be silent while the receiver detected which surround setting to use when a track started playing from a disc. Turning auto detect off and manually choosing the receiver's surround setting to match my choice on the disc fixed the issue. It wasn't the player at all.
Can anyone find a "properly-authored" disc and a "broken" one and tell me for each if the main album has separated M2TS files for each track or not?
I have noticed when playing back rips of Who's Next Atmos from .m4a files (one song per file) that the first few seconds of each song is cut. I'm using kodi running on an Odroid and an HDMI connection into a Marantz AV8805 preamp processor. The Atmos played from disc via an Oppo UDP-205 does not have any issues. I have not played around with it enough to determine if it is settings on the kodi input or some other configuration issue. I also have all 3 titles mentioned in this thread, so I will try to play around with these also and see what happens. If it is an issue playing the disc natively, then this would be a legit issue in my mind. If it is an issue just with rips, then this is my problem and not a disc issue. It does seem to be related to a new handshake occurring at the start of each new track.
This sounds like a hardware problem somewhere in the chain. Otherwise wouldn't everyone be having this issue?

My recent Black Sabbath and Jefferson Starship quadio discs don't play properly on my system. I have to manually turn off the rear surrounds in my AVR otherwise I get six channel playback. I just figure it's just the AVR. I'm not about to return them :)