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At long last, please post your thoughts and comments on this brand new album from Peter Gabriel entitled "I/O", his first album of all new material since 2002!
Throughout 2023, Peter has released each of the 12 songs on the occasion of a full moon with 3 different mixes, a bright-side (stereo) mix from Mark ‘Spike’ Stent, a dark-side (stereo) mix from Tchad Blake, and most importantly for us, an in-side (Dolby Atmos) mix from Hans-Martin Buff.
Now all 3 mixes of all 12 songs are collected together physically in a 2CD/Blu-Ray Audio edition.




I've listened to all three discs twice and love Peter Gabriel's I/O. The music exceeded my expectations and left me wanting more. Then the BluRay (in-side mix) provides a jaw-dropping Atmos mix by Hans-Martin Buff. I'm now a fan. This Atmos mix has me seriously considering adding floor speakers for SR, SL, SBR and SBL. Also, the in-side mix of Playing For Time (IMO) is saturated with low frequency notes that rattled my glass framed art on the walls--I loved the feeling of the bass going through me, so I guess I need to remove the art. :unsure: Looking forward to reading everyone's thoughts and comments. ;) (y)

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Peter is a very talented musician.
The time and effort he applied to his latest release ( and hopefully not his last!!) shows itself in the meticulous arrangements and fantastic melodies.
How lucky are we to have Peter believing in surround music to further enhance his songs.
The Atmos mix is beguiling. So much going on and brilliantly executed.
Is 2023 the best year we've ever had? Not only in quantity but also the professional mixing skills that are so evident in the majority of these releases.
I'm so happy to have found this pastime and the constant pleasure it gives me.
Just like this album exudes all the qualities I seek in surround music.

To give it a poll rating doesn't give this release any justice. As a 10 is nowhere near enough.
Great album, great mix by a guy I've never heard of. I only have a 5.1 setup, so that's how I'm hearing the Atmos.

The sub is constantly activated and never overbearing. It sits comfortably within the mix, as it should.

There is plenty of movement in this mix to keep you interested, notably in Road to Joy in the bridge section. One very, very minor complaint is that the movement in that song does the same thing in both bridges-- like a cut and paste deal. Honestly, there's nothing wrong with that, as a lot of mixes would do the same thing in the bridge and not have any movement at all with the sounds-- just keep them panned in the same location. But when you introduce movement, you almost expect it to move back to the place it began if you hear it the second time. As I said, though, a very minor complaint-- definitely a first world problem.

Highlights for the mix itself are the aforementioned Road to Joy and The Court. Road to Joy also happens to be one of the better songs on the album, along with the title track, the tearjerker Playing for Time, the upbeat Olive Tree, and a suitable finale in Live and Let Live.

An easy 10 for me. I'm pretty easy to please, but this is easily in the top echelon of mixes for me.
Solid 10 for me. I too have a 5.1 setup and I found the mix to be enveloping and crystal clear. I saw Peter on tour this year and I was a bit concerned about the new slower songs that would be on this album; they just didn't stand out live....which may be because it was my first time hearing them...but on this mix, all the songs took on a whole new character and they were all solid Peter Gabriel songs. Very well done all around.
perhaps I need to adjust my system settings (denon reciever that handles atmos, but I have a 5.1 set up), but the surround mix is a bit all over the place I feel. At least after a sampling a few tracks.

The other two, stereo only mixes, are strong imo. My favourite is definitely the dark side mix. More organic to my ears.
I wish that was available in surround....

anyways; very strong album imo, and a gift to get this by a 73 year old man, who easily could have put his feet up years and years ago.
To think we have a concert film in the making is even better
I'm surprised that some people found this music dreary and depressing.
I did not , not at all.
This is Peter Gabriel at his very best , a prog genius.

Listened in 5.0 , and there is equity in the surround as with the fronts.
Favourite tracks ...well for sure the first two , but the remainder is growing on me...very fast. It helps to have Brian Eno on 5 tracks , I think anyways.

Listened twice , so far. There will be more....
This album will be in my regular rotation, very good surround mix fwiw.

Well done Peter,

It's a NINE for me.
Really enjoyed the music, I think it's a great album.

I'm having a strange problem playing this on the Oppo BDP93. The signal to the receiver is shown as TrueHD 7.1, but it decodes as DTS, not Atmos. I shut everything off and tried again, same problem. On my Sony UBP-X800M2 it plays in Atmos without a problem.

I then tried a few SDE blu-rays in the Oppo and they do play correctly in Dolby Atmos,
First listen in Dolby Atmos (my setup is 7.1). Wow. Beautiful. Immersive. Amazing vocals. Touching lyrics.

I was trying to figure out the way he hits me emotionally but the guy doing the Pitchfork review nailed it: "He does have a knack for articulating universal experiences in novel ways." Oh yeah, that's it!

10 all the way. Just awesome.