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A long long time ago a got some of their Quad releases, 7 of them, and they weren't bad as I recall. Then they stopped selling quad and I haven't bought much from them since. I still get e-mails from them and there has not been any mention of a 5.1 release.
Yes, I have purchased as an experiment. Non worthy titles, but they definitely play in 5.1 surround.

This now becomes a weird predicament. Lots of us say, we don't want that title, but will buy it anyway to support the store so they will start selling more surround.
I think I will do this with HDTracks, but they really have to get there game up with more Pop, Rock, Blues and Jazz titles.
A long time ago HDTracks posted on their FB a question: Would people like HDTracks to offer 5.1 downloads. I got all fired up and created a QQ FB account and the QQ FB web page (Now run by Tim (timbre4). We tried to get them to go for it, at least offer the stuff that was readily available, old DVD-A and SACD 5.1 titles of stuff that would surely sell. The WB/Rhino and the Sony SACD stuff.

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One time I asked ForagingRhino if WMG would license their 5.1 masters to HDTracks, and he implied they would, but gave me this impression that HDTracks was not interested in doing so.

This was way before the Quadio rebirth and even the Doobies Quadio box. I also emailed them, representing our membership and asking them to consider doing it on a test basis, telling them that I was sure many members who already owned the DVD-A's and SACD's would purchase the downloadable files as many of us were moving to Media base systems.

I received a nice email back, telling me pretty much NO. Not interested.

So, there's that. I bet if you searched the forum you will find a thread by me from that very time saying almost the exact thing.
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