Jean-Baptiste Monnot: The Cavaillé-Coll grand organ of Saint-Ouen, Rouen, and the Monnot Orgue du Voyage. Cesar Franck 5.1Ch/2Ch SACD/DXD Download


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Steve Bruzonsky

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Jun 2, 2021
Gilbert, Arizona
Just came out as far as I know in past few days: SACD 5.1 & 2Ch 16 Euro DXD 5.1 & 2Ch 18 Euro

Yes, 5.1 with sub at 352 kHz 32 bit linear (in two halves) and then 176.4k 32bit etc.
Welcome to the forum, sir.
"Behind the curtain is Jacob A Purches, a sound engineer, producer, and composer."

I purchased the download today.
The 14 GB of 5.1 176.2 / 32 wave files downloaded for me in less than 20 minutes.
I down-sampled to 96 / 24 FLAC to play from a USB flash drive from my Sony X-800.

Only had time to process and listen to the shortest organ piece, but very impressive so far.

The pdf booklet is magnificent.
Without getting into the weeds, some would say that a 5.1 176.2k / 32-bit Wave exceeds the SACD which in PCM terms mathematically is similar to 96k / 24-bit. But DSD is a 1-bit system with a super high sampling rate... not exactly apples to apples. Let your ears be the judge.
At the heart of the album is the Grand organ, the 1890 ‘michaelangelo’ masterpiece crafted by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll,
known for its thunderous 32ft Contra Bombarde stop.

Organ music might be seen as a minority interest, but for many audiophiles the massive tonal and dynamic resources the instruments possess opens up an exciting aural panorama

(a 32ft, 16kHz fundamental is something to behold)




Track 1 LFE channel: