Multichannel FLAC files burned to Bluray Disc.


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Apr 8, 2017
I have some flac files with multi-channel songs. Can I burn my flac files to Blu-ray DVD to get all multi channels? I have different kinds of software, Nero, Express Burn, and Anyburn. Just needing instructions on what to do. Thanks
I don’t know if that would work; …I suppose it’s possible that you could essentially create a data disk and then your player could read and then play 5.1 or maybe even 7.1 flac files but if I were to guess, I’d say that is unlikely to work unless your disk player is in your computer or if it’s something like an Oppo.

If you have a re-writable disk, I’d just experiment and try to put different file types on there (5.1 flac, 7.1 flac, 5.1 wav, 7.1 wav).

You might not be able to create a “drag-n-drop” data disc that works on your disc player but instead you might have to create a disc that is more universal, and has a file structure that is standardized like a DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, , a Bluray-Audio or an AVC-HD disc; ….but I don’t believe any of those would support multichannel flac files.
I was under the impression that flac files cannot be burned to a DVD. Somehow I thought .wav files could though. Never tried it.
You can pretty much burn anything to any disc...but that's a different matter from whether or not a particular player will work with it.

I was surprised a year or so back when I was unable to get either of two Oppos to play FLAC from a CD-R. Both would play the same files burned to DVD-R, though.

Now I can't even remember why I was trying to do that in the first place...