The Church "The Hypnogogue" - Dolby Atmos mix now available as a lossless download!


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Just as a heads-up, Church member Jeffrey Cain's upcoming solo release The End of the Unknowing (issued under the name Iris Doe) has also been mixed in Atmos by Darrell Thorp. The first two singles - "Tears Ignite Again" and "A Miss Of You" - are already up on Apple Music, but the full release drops via streaming and IAA (TrueHD lossless download) on May 31.

How do I play this on my Oppo player?

When you go to that front menu on your Oppo when you can choose from things like Disc, Music, Photo, Video, etc, make sure you pick the video or movie option and not the music option.

It's a killer mix. Not too many people know how prolific Steven Kilbey is as a songwriter. The Church has been putting out albums for more than 40 years now, and Kilbey has side projects and solo albums that must number in the 15-20 range.

And the cool thing is he's still good, still making trippy ass music all these years later. You could throw this new one on right after Heyday and not know that there are nearly 40 years between them.