What's your latest earworm???


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Obviously heard of the band, but believe or not...never listenened or heard any of their music (that I knew of anyway) I really like how this sounds, seems would just be awesome in a new Atmos mix.
Yeah, their music would be a good candidate for a surround mix. It’s good to see Tears for Fears, XTC, and other 80s bands getting the surround treatment, so there is always hope. 😉✨
It's not a single song. It's a whole album. I realized that I was listening to Steven Wilson's latest work a lot but... the 26 times I've already listened to it, as per my Last.FM account, *really* surprised me. Guess I like it. :ROFLMAO:

Edit: I was mistaken in interpreting Last.FM stats. I have probably listened to it eleven times. Still... I can't listen anything else at the moment. So I guess it still qualifies.
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A unique release actually, one of the few Indian albums to not be a soundtrack to a movie, and one of the few Indian albums to not be classical or pop! It apparently was dubbed "semi-classical" on release but sounds more jazz fusion to me.
I actually tried reaching out to the label to do a 5.1 mix of this but never got a response... 🤪
Earlier this year I bought a new Internet radio and programmed in a bunch of channels including a Yacht Rock channel. Yeah, I really enjoy a good Yacht Rock channel even if I think they often have a pretty wide definition of what fits.

They just played this which I always think is such a cool song and that gets stuck in my head after hearing it. RIP Bobby.

I was indifferent to the Black Crowes when they came out. But for whatever reason the Chris Robinson Brotherhood caught my attention with this song some years back.

I liked the idea behind the band. Not trying to conquer the world... just wanting to exist in their own little (more-or-less) laid back world along with anyone who wanted to join them.

Hadn’t heard this for a while, but pulled it out today and the easy groove and some interesting chord changes never fails to get stuck in my head whenever I hear it.

We’ve been watching Daisy Jones & The Six and have the intro song, Patti Smith’s Dancing Barefoot stuck in my brain.
Hadn’t heard it in a while and am reminded what an amazing song it is.
Médéric Collignon's Vrooom Vrooom from 2012's À La Recherche Du Roi Frippé.
Stumbled on its existence some time ago and I finally found a cheap used copy to pick up.
I guess I should not be surprised at how fitting Crim as Jazz can be.

I have an Internet radio and I’ve got a couple of 70s channels programmed in. This song, which I loved when it originally came out, just aired.

If you want to see some really cringe-worthy TV, look up the Makin’ It TV show.

I was badmouthing this GFR song to another member here...going on and on about how it should not dare share the same album space with the classic I'm Your Captain etc, etc. Now I can't get the beast out of my head:

Someone please help! Hit me over the head with a sledgehammer and put me out of my misery. :ROFLMAO: