QuadraphonicQuad's Label Checklists and Quadraphonic Histories of American Records Companies

This information was compiled using information from fellow quad collectors and the various printed publications from the 1970's, but mostly from Larry Clifton's "Quad Incorporated" publication, which cataloged all quadraphonic recordings available at the time. It is through Larry's incredible effort that these checklists could be compiled with some authority.


NOTE: Not all of the below label listings are completed at this time


A&M Records Quadraphonic Checklist and History
ABC Command Quadraphonic Checklist and History
ARISTA Quadraphonic Checklist and History
Columbia Records and Associated Labels Checklist and History
CTI Records and Associated Labels Checklist and History
FANTASY Quadraphonic Checklist and History
ODE Quadraphonic Checklist and History
PROJECT 3 Quadraphonic Checklist & History
RCA Quadraphonic Checklist & History
Soundbird Quadraphonic Checklist & History
Vanguard Quadraphonic Checklist & History
WARNER BROTHERS and associated labels Checklist & History
Miscelaneous Quad Labels


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