UPDATED 11/24/2018

This is not a complete list of released DVD-A titles, rather it is a list of selected popular titles.

Please note that the majority of Silverline titles have been omitted intentionally.

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  Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
10/03/00 Big Phat Band Swingin' For the Fences Silverline 67662-87002-9-7  
11/14/00 Stone Temple Pilots Core Atlantic 82418-9 Std Jewel Box**
  Natalie Merchant Tigerlily Elektra 9 62570 Std Jewel Box**
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Brain Salad Surgery Warner Brothers R9 75980 Std Jewel Box**
12/19/00 Buena Vista Social Club S/T Nonesuch 79478-9 Std Jewel Box**
  Doors L.A. Woman Warner Brothers 62612-9 Std Jewel Box**
Firesign Theater Boom Dot Bust Warner Brothers R9 75979 Std Jewel Box**
  Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
01/30/01 Corrs In Blue Atlantic 83352-9 Std Jewel Box**
  Deep Purple Machine Head Warner Brothers R9 76664 Std Jewel Box**
Lang, K.D.  Invincible Summer Warner Brothers 9362 47605-9 Std Jewel Box**
02/13/01 Blue Man Group Audio Virgin 77893  
02/27/01 Young, Neil  Road Rock Vol 1 Reprise 9 48036  
  Foreigner Foreigner Warner Brothers R9 76665  
Metallica Black Album Elektra 61113-9  
Steely Dan Two Against Nature Giant 9 24719-9  
Alice Cooper  Billion Dollar Babies Warner Brothers R9 76663  
04/10/01 Mitchell, Joni Both Sides Now Reprise 47620  
04/24/01 Take 6 Take 6 Warner Brothers 7599 25670-9  
05/29/01 Benson, George Breezin' Warner Brothers R9 76715  
  Fleetwood Mac Rumours Warner Brothers 9 48083-9  
Fourplay Fourplay Warner Brothers 9 26656-9  
Olu Dara Neighborhoods Warner Brothers 9 83391-9  
06/26/01 John, Olivia Newton  One Woman's Journey DTS Entertainment    
  Alice Cooper  Welcome To My Nightmare Warner Brothers R9 78250  
07/31/01 Elliott, Missy  So Addictive Elektra 62643-9  
08/07/01 OST A.I. Warner Brothers 9362 48096-9  
08/14/01 Simon, Paul  You're the One Warner Brothers 9 47844-9  
08/28/01 Glass, Philip  Koyaanisqatsi Warner Brothers 79506  
09/04/01 Metheny, Pat  Imaginary Day Warner Brothers 9 46791-9  
09/11/01 Scaggs, Boz Dig Virgin 7087-6-16417-9-0 CD+DVD-A
09/25/01 Barenaked Ladies Maroon Reprise 9 47814-9  
  America Homecoming Warner Brothers R9 74367  
10/02/01 Bjork Vespertine Warner Brothers 62653  
10/30/01 Foreigner Four  Atlantic R9 74366  
  Clapton/King Riding with the King Reprise 9 47612-9  
Grateful Dead American Beauty Warner Brothers R9 74385  
11/06/01 Clapton, Eric Reptile Reprise 9 47966-9  
11/27/01 Simon, Carly No Secrets Elektra R9 74384  
  Grateful Dead Workingman's Dead Warner Brothers R9 78356  
12/11/01 Eagles Hotel California Elektra 60509-9  
  Hootie and the Blowfish Cracked Read View Warner Brothers 7567-82613-9  
12/18/01 Cobham, Billy Spectrum Atlantic R9 78408  
  Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
01/08/02 Doobie Brothers Captain & Me Warner Brothers R9 78347  
01/22/02 Pizzarelli, Bucky  Swing Live Chesky    
02/12/02 Johnson, Eric  Ah Via Musicom Capitol 07777-90517-9-3 Recalled
  Koz, Dave  The Dance Capitol 72434-99458-9-0  
Green, Al  Greatest Hits Hi 72438-30800-9-0  
03/26/02 Washington, Grover  Winelight Elektra/Rhino R9 78350  
  Newman, Randy  Little Criminals Warner Brothers R9 78349  
04/23/02 Dishwalla Opaline Immergent 287009-9  
04/30/02 Nash, Graham  Songs for Survivors DTS Entertainment 69286-01092-9-2  
  Queen Night at the Opera DTS Entertainment 69286-01091-9-3  
05/14/02 Band, The  The Last Waltz Warner Brothers R9 78260  
05/22/02 Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire 8 Navarre 9888 DVD-A/DVD-V
  Mannheim Steamroller Ambience - Summer Song Navarre 9203 CD+DVD-A/V
06/25/02 Ziroq S/T Silverline    
06/30/02 Crowded House S/T Capitol 72434-77930-9-7  
  Queensryche Empire EMI 72434-77928-9-2  
Thompson, Richard  Rumour and Sign EMI 72434-77932-9-5  
Yes Magnification Rhino R9 78250  
08/27/02 R.E.M. In Time (Best Of) Warner Brothers 9 48381-9  
  R.E.M. Reveal Warner Brothers 9 47946-9  
09/24/02 Davis, Miles  Tutu Warner Brothers 9362-48429-9  
10/1/02 Trey Anastasio Trey Anastasio Elektra 62749  
10/15/02 Disturbed Believe Reprise 9 48320-9  
  Young, Neil  Harvest Reprise 9 48100-9   
Linkin Park Reanimation Warner Brothers 9 48326-9  
Morissette, Alanis  Under Rug Swept Warner Brothers 9 47988-9  
11/05/02 Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Extraordinaire American Gramaphone 922  
  Hill, Faith  Cry Warner Brothers 48001  
11/19/02 Ronstadt, Linda  What's New Elektra R9 78341  
  Yes Fragile Elektra/Rhino R9 78249  
11/26/02 Crosby/Nash Another Stoney Evening DTS Entertainment 69286-01098-9-6  
12/03/02 R.E.M. Automatic For the People Warner Brothers R9 78175  
12/10/02 Presley, Elvis  30 #1 Hits RCA 07863 65053-9  
12/17/02 Fagen, Donald  The Nightfly Warner Brothers R9 78138  
  Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
02/04/03 Zappa, Frank  Halloween DTS Entertainment 69286-01101-9-9  
02/11/03 Band, The  Music from Big Pink Capitol 72434-77939-9-8  
  R.E.M. Document Capitol 72434-90149-9-2  
02/18/03 Motorhead Ace of Spades Silverline 676628813393  
02/25/03 Harris, Emmylou  Producers Cut Warner Brothers R9 78174  
04/15/03 Fleetwood Mac Say You Will Reprise 48394-9  
04/25/03 Bjork Medulla Warner Brothers    
04/29/03 Queen The Game DTS Entertainment DTS-1110  
05/20/03 Simple Minds New Gold Dream EMI 72438-13171-9-8  
06/10/03 Steely Dan Everything Must Go Reprise 48435-9  
06/17/03 Staind 14 Shades of Grey Flip Records 62882-9  
06/24/03 Fagen, Donald  Kamakiriad Reprise R9 73782  
  Chicago Chicago (2nd Album) Warner Brothers R9 73841  
07/22/03 Beach Boys Pet Sounds Capitol 72434-77937-9-0  
08/12/03 Sinatra, Frank  At the Sands Reprise R9 73777  
  Chicago Chicago V Rhino R9 73842  
Deep Purple Concerto for Group and Orchestra Warner Brothers R9 73927  
08/26/03 Steely Dan Gaucho MCA B0001767-19  
09/23/03 Crow, Sheryl  The Globe Sessions A&M B0001160-19  
09/23/03 Sting  Brand New Day A&M B0001047-19  
  Gruisin, Dave  Two for the Road GRP 059865  
Gaye, Marvin  The Marvin Gaye Collection Motown B0001109-19  
Gill, Vince  High Lonesome Sound UMG    
Krall, Diane  Love Scenes UMG 440053247-9  
10/07/03 Led Zeppelin How the West Was Won Atlantic 83587-9  
  3 Doors Down Away From the Sun UMG B0001177-19  
10/12/04 Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Celebration Select O Hits 9020 DVD-A/DVD-V
10/28/03 Everclear So Much for the Afterglow DTS Entertainment 69286-01107-9-3  
  Barenaked Ladies Everything To Everyone Reprise 48515-2 CD+DVD-A
Rat Pack Live at the Villa Venice Reprise R9 73965  
11/04/03 Medeski Martin & Wood Uninvisible DTS Entertainment 69286-01105-9-5  
11/18/03 Vandross, Luther  Dance with my Father J Records 82876-51885-9  
  Adams, Ryan   Gold UMG B0001472-19  
Krall, Diane  When I look In Your Eyes UMG    
Krall, Diane  The Look of Love Verve B0001604-19  
Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Warner Brothers 48489-2 CD+DVD-A
11/25/03 Outkast Stankonia Arista 82876-55099-9  
  Santana Shaman Arista 82876-51053-9  
Santana Supernational Arista 82876-51054-9  
Usher 8701 Arista 82876-55798-9  
Stewart, Rod  It Had to Be You J Records 80813-20039-9  
Foo Fighters One By One  RCA 07863 68008-9  
12/02/03 Keys, Alicia  Songs in A Minor J Records 80813-20002-9  
12/16/03 Strait, George  Honkeytonkville MCA B0001620-19  
  Twain, Shania  Up! Mercury B0001758-19  
Beck  Sea Change UMG B0001840-19  
  Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
01/13/04 T. Rex Electric Warrior Reprise R9 76111  
  Wilson, Brian  Live at the Roxy Rhino R9 73921  
01/27/04 Sting  Sacred Love A&M B0001934-19  
02/05/04 Frampton, Peter  Frampton Comes Alive A&M B0001765-19  
  Barenaked Ladies Everything To Everyone Reprise 48650-2 DualDisc***
Linkin Park Reanimation Warner Brothers   DualDisc***
Fagen, Donald  The Nightfly Warner Brothers R2 278016 DualDisc***
R.E.M. Automatic For the People Warner Brothers R2 78105 DualDisc***
02/24/04 Gaye, Marvin  Let's Get it On Motown B0001922-19  
02/28/04 Oldfield, Mike  Tubular Bells 2003 Warner Brothers R9 60204  
03/09/04 Porcupine Tree In Absentia DTS Entertainment 69286-01111-9-6  
03/16/04 Young, Neil  Greendale Reprise 48533-9  
03/23/04 Sanborn, David  Time Again Verve B0001369-19  
04/20/04 Seal Seal IV Warner Brothers '47947-9  
04/27/04 Mannheim Steamroller Mannheim Meets the Mouse   861093  
Who Tommy Geffen B0002103-19  
  John, Elton  Goodbye Yellow Brick Road UMG B0002307-19  
05/18/04 Kelly, R.  Chocolate Factory JIVE 41812  
  Spears, Britany  In the Zone JIVE 82876-53748-9  
05/24/04 Haitt, John  Bring the Family      
07/13/04 Rundgren, Todd  Liars Silverline 288262-9  
08/03/04 Crystal Method Legion of Boom DTS Entertainment 69286-01116-9-1  
08/12/04 Crickets The Crickets and Their Buddies Sovereign 1952-9  
08/24/04 Raitt, Bonnie  Nick of Time Capitol 72435-99316-9-2  
  McDonald, Michael  Motown Motown B0003131-19  
Musiq Soulstar UMG B0003080-19  
09/14/04 Blue Man Group Complex DTS Entertainment 69286-01120-9-4  
  Polyphonic Spree Together We're Heavy DTS Entertainment 69286-01118-9-9  
09/28/04 Zappa, Frank  Quadiophiliac DTS Entertainment 69286-01125-9-9  
10/26/04 Donnas Gold Medal Atlantic 83715-2 DualDisc
  Simple Plan Still Not Getting Any Lava 93407-2 DualDisc
Adams, Ryan   Rock N Roll UMG B0003486-19  
11/09/04 Little Feat Kickin' It at the Barn Hot Tomato HTR0209D  
  Seal    Best 1991-2004 Warner Brothers 48776-9  
11/23/04 NIN The Downward Spiral Interscope B0003762-82 DualDisc
  Grateful Dead American Beauty Warner Brothers 74385 DualDisc (Reissue)
Trapt Trapt Warner Brothers 48825 DualDisc
Krall, Diana  The Girl in the Other Room UMG   DualDisc
12/07/04 Keane Hopes and Fears Interscope B0003785-82 DualDisc
  Snow Patrol Final Straw UMG B0003756-82 DualDisc
  Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
01/11/05 Simple Minds New Gold Dream Virgin 13171-9  
N.E.R.D. In Search of…. Virgin 11521  
01/30/05 Knopfler, Mark  Shangra-La Warner Brothers 48918-2 CD+DVD-A
02/08/05 Orbison, Roy  Black & White Night Image 2779 DVD-A/DVD-V
03/01/05 R.E.M. Around the Sun Warner Brothers 49315-2 CD+DVD-A
  R.E.M. Green Warner Brothers R2 73948 CD+DVD-A
R.E.M. Monster Warner Brothers R2 73949 CD+DVD-A
R.E.M. New Adventures in HiFi Warner Brothers R2 73950 CD+DVD-A
R.E.M. Up! Warner Brothers R2 73952 CD+DVD-A
R.E.M. Reveal Warner Brothers R2 76539 CD+DVD-A
R.E.M. Automatic For the People Warner Brothers R2 78175 CD+DVD-A
R.E.M. In Time (Best Of) Warner Brothers R2 79543 CD+DVD-A
03/29/05 Wilson, Cassandra  Traveling Miles Blue Note 54123DVA  
  Beck  Guero Interscope B0004365-00 CD+DVD-A
04/19/05 Knopfler, Mark  Sailing to Philadelphia Warner Brothers 48119-2 CD+DVD-A
  Tobin, Amon (OST) Splinter Cell Ninja Tune 100  
  Thomas, Rob  Something to Be Atlantic 83723-2 DualDisc
05/03/05 NIN With Teeth Interscope B0004553-82 DualDisc
  Womack, Lee Ann  Greatest Hits MCA B0004321-82 DualDisc
Keith, Toby  Shock'n'Y'all UMG B0004529-82 DualDisc
05/15/05 Porcupine Tree Deadwing DTS Entertainment 69286-01130-9-1  
06/07/05 Seal (Second Album) Warner Brothers 48791-2 CD+DVD-A
  Seal    (First LP) Warner Brothers 48784-2 CD+DVD-A
Seal Best 1991-2004 Warner Brothers 48882-2 CD+DVD-A
Seal Seal IV Warner Brothers 48672-2 CD+DVD-A
06/14/05 Foo Fighters In Your Honor RCA 82876 69128-2 DualDisc
  Wallflowers Rebel Sweetheart Interscope B0004693-82 DualDisc
07/12/05 Church Forget Yourself Silverline 284102 DualDisc
08/13/05 3 Doors Down Seventeen Days UMG B0004700-82 DualDisc
  Dire Straits Brothers in Arms Warner Brothers 49337-2 DualDisc
09/01/05 Clapton, Eric Back Home Reprise 9 49396-2 DualDisc
09/13/05 Simple Minds Once Upon a Time Virgin 13016  
  Thrills So Much for the City Virgin 84968  
09/22/05 Bon Jovi Have a Nice Day Island B0005372-82 DualDisc
  Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet Mercury B0005462-82 DualDisc
10/06/05 Talking Heads BRICK Rhino R2 74722 DualDisc BOX
11/15/05 Browne, Jackson  Running on Empty Elektra/Rhino R2 78283 CD+DVD-A
12/13/05 OST Lord of the Rings Reprise 49454-2 CD+DVD-A
  Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
01/10/06 Bowie, David  Stage EMI 72438-63436-9-7  
  Bowie, David  David Live EMI 72438-74304-9-5  
Talking Heads Talking Heads '77 Rhino R2 76449 DualDisc (USA)*
Talking Heads Fear of Music Rhino R2 76451 DualDisc (USA)*
Talking Heads More Songs About Buildings and Food Rhino R2 76450 DualDisc (USA)*
Talking Heads Remain in the Light Rhino R2 76452 DualDisc (USA)*
01/31/06 Flaming Lips Soft Bulletin Warner Brothers 48764-2 CD+DVD-A
02/15/06 Talking Heads Naked Rhino R2 76457 DualDisc (USA)*
  Talking Heads Speaking in Tongues Rhino R2 76543 DualDisc (USA)*
Talking Heads Little Creatures Rhino R2 76454 DualDisc (USA)*
Talking Heads True Stories Rhino R2 76455 DualDisc (USA)*
03/13/06 Fagen, Donald  Morph the Cat Warner Brothers 49976-2 CD+DVD-A
05/16/06 Porcupine Tree Stupid Dream Lava SMACD913  
08/29/06 Townshend, Pete  Rough Mix HIP-O B0006842-82 DualDisc
10/24/06 Flaming Lips At War with the Mystics Warner Brothers 44141-2 CD+DVD-A
11/7/06 OST The Two Towers (Box Set) Reprise 44376-2 CD+DVD-A
11/21/06 Doors Perception (Box Set) Rhino R2 77645 CD+DVD-A (6)
  David Crosby If I Could Only Remember My Name Atlantic/Rhino R2 73204 CD+DVD-A
Beatles Love EMI/Capitol 09463 79810 2 3 CD+DVD-A
12/12/06 Barenaked Ladies Are Me Desperation 9 43289 DVD-A (2 Discs)
  Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
10/9/07 Porcupine Tree  Fear of a Blank Planet Transmission 6.1  
11/20/07 OST The Return of the King (Box Set) Reprise 162044-2 CD+DVDA
  Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
3/4/08 Ringo Starr 5.1 Kotch KOC-CD-4496 CD+DVD-A
4/2/08 Porcupine Tree  Lightbulb Sun KScope 102 CD+DVD-A
5/5/08 No Man Schoolyard Ghosts KScope 103 CD+DVDA
9/23/08 Graham Nash Songs for Beginners Atlantic/Rhino R2 352572 CD+DVD-A
  Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
2/24/09  Steve Wilson Insurgentes KScope 114 CD+DVD-A
10/05/09 King Crimson Red DGM KCSP 7 CD+DVD-A
10/12/09 King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King DGM KCSP 1 CD+DVD-A
10/19/09 King Crimson Lizard DGM KCSP3 CD+DVDA
Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
3/15/10 Porcupine Tree The Incident Transmission 11.1 CD+DVD-A
5/31/10 Anathema We're Here Because We're Here KScope 254 CD+DVD-A
6/21/10 Dorothee Munyaneza Dorothee Munyaneza Luminary LUM 001 CD+DVD-A
9/7/10 Gavin Harrison & 05Ric Circles KScope 163 CD+DVDA
10/2/10 King Crimson In the Wake of Poseidon DGM KCSP 2 CD+DVD-A
10/2/10 King Crimson Islands DGM KCSP 4 CD+DVDA
Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
3/15/11 Jakszyk, Fripp, Collins A Scarcity of Miracles KScope   CD+DVD-A
4/5/11 Rush Moving Pictures Mercury B0015272-00 CD+DVD-A
10/4/11 King Crimson Starless & Bible Black DGM KCSP 6 CD+DVD-A
10/4/11 King Crimson Discipline DGM KCSP 8 CD+DVD-A
11/15/11 Who Quadrophenia Box Set (8 tracks) Polygram 2777845 CD+DVD-A
11/22/11 Rush Fly By Night (Sector I Box) Mercury B0015888-00 CD+DVD-A****
11/22/11 Rush A Farewell To Kings (Sector II Box) Mercury B0015889-00 CD+DVD-A****
11/22/11 Rush Signals (Sector III Box) Mercury B0015890-00 CD+DVD-A****
Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
7/31/12 King Crimson Live From Argentina Panegyric CLUB 47 2 DVD-A
8/7/12 Lynyryd Skynyrd Southern Surroundings Geffen B0017003-50 2 CD+DVD-A
8/21/12 Emerson Lake & Palmer Emerson Lake & Palmer Sony Music (UK) 88691937972 CD+DVD-A
8/21/12 Emerson Lake & Palmer Tarkus Sony Music (UK) 88691937962 CD+DVD-A
8/20/12 Katatonia Dead End Kings Peaceville   CD+DVD-A
9/22/12 Travis & Fripp Follow Panegyric GYRSP1 CD+DVD-A
9/25/12 Emerson Lake & Palmer Emerson Lake & Palmer Razor & Tie (US) 7930183347-2 2 CD+DVD-A
9/25/12 Emerson Lake & Palmer Tarkus Razor & Tie (US) 7930183348-2 2 CD+DVD-A
12/11/12 King Crimson Larks Tongue in Aspic DGM KCSP 5 CD+DVD-A
10/30/12 Kompendium Beneath the Waves 7 Stone Records TMRCD1012 CD+DVD-A
12/18/12 Rush 2112 Mercury B0017479-00 CD+DVD-A
Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
2/24/13 Parsons Thibaud Transcontinental Voices Quadro-Surround Q15 DVD-A
4/16/13 Stick Men Deep 7D Media SMN1312 CD+DVD-A
4/27/13 Better than Ezra How Does Your Garden Grow? Music Valet No Number  
5/6/13 No Sound Afterthoughts KScope KScope 245 CD+DVD-A
5/25/13 Hawkwind Warrior on the Edge of Time Atomhenge 31037 CD+DVD-A
5/25/13 The Vicar Songbook #1 DGM DGMSP1 CD+DVD-A
8/26/13 Blackfield IV KScope KScope 225 CD+DVD-A
9/10/13 Katatonia Dethroned & Uncrowned KScope KScope 243 CD+DVD-A
9/10/13 Dream Theater Dream Theater Roadrunner 1686-176045 CD+DVD-A
10/29/13 XTC Nonsuch Ape House/Virgin No Number CD+DVD-A
11/5/13 YES Close to the Edge Panegyric GYRSP50012 CD+DVD-A
11/5/13 bArtMan Journey Into The Dark     CD+DVD-A
11/25/14 Nosound lightdark KScope KScope 271 CD+DVD-A
12/17 Mike Keneally & .... Sluggo! Exowax EX-2305-1 CD+DVD-A
Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
4/21/14 YES The Yes Album Panegyric GYRSP50012 CD+DVD-A
5/12/14 Emerson Lake & Palmer Brain Salad Surgery (2014 Box Set) Sony Music (UK) 88883772862 3CD+DVD-A/V+LP
7/21/14 Robert Reed Sanctuary Tigermoth TMCD0714 CD+DVD-A
9/--/14 Kickhunter Quadraphonic Game QuadroSurround Q19 DVD-A
11/4/14 XTC Drums & Wires     CD+DVD-A
11/3/14 Andy Jackson Signal to Noise Esoteric Antenna EANTCD 21041 CD+DVD-A
11/3/14 YES Relayer Panegyric GYRSP50096 CD+DVD-A
Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
2/2/15 Rick Wakeman Myths and Legends of King Arthur     CD+DVD-A
  Rick Wakeman Six Wives of Henry VIII     CD+DVD-A
3/9/15 Anthony Phillips The Geese and the Ghost     2CD+DVD-A
3/16/15 Simple Minds Sparkle in the Rain (Box Set)     4CD+DVD-A
4/27/15 Emerson Lake & Palmer Trilogy     2CD+DVD-A
6/5/15 Ogre The Last Neanderthal QuadroSurround Q21  
8/7/15 Ian Cooke Antiquasauria     CD+DVD-A
10/30/15 King Crimson THRAK      
11/6/15 YES Fragile (2015 Mix) Panegyric GYRSP50009 CD+DVD-A
12/4/15 Simple Minds Once Upon A Time (Box Set)     5CD+DVD-A
Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
2/5/16 Anthony Phillips Wise After the Event      
3/1/16 Djabe Ly-0-Lay Ale Loya      
5/6/16 Rick Wakeman Journey to the Centre of the Earth      
6/10/16 Robert Reed Sanctuary II     2CD+DVD-A
6/24/16 Anthony Phillips 1984     2CD+DVD-A
7/22/16 Riverside Love, Fear and the Time Machine     CD+DVD-A
8/12/16 The Pineapple Thief Your Wilderness     2CD+DVD-A
9/16/16 Gong Rejoice! I'm Dead     2CD+DVD-A
10/7/16 Yes Tales from the Topographic Oceans     2CD+DVD-A
10/20/16 King Crimson Beat     2CD+DVD-A
  King Crimson Three of a Perfect Pair     2CD+DVD-A
  King Crimson On (and off) The Road 1981-1984     11CD+3DVD-A
Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
1/1/17 bArtMan Kaaf      
1/20/17 Katatonia Great Cold Distance     3CD+DVD-A
Artist Title Label Catalog Number Notes 
1/16/18 bArtMan Goodbye Cruel World      
5/4/18 Anthony Phillips The Geese and the Ghost     2CD+DVD-A



* - The Talking Heads single releases were sold as DualDiscs in the USA and CD+DVD-A packages elsewhere.

** - These titles were originally sold in CD jewel boxes with cardboard outer sleeves. They were later released with the
standard DVD-A sized jewel case.

*** - These DualDiscs were only available in Boston and Seattle for a limited time as part of the DualDisc test marketing.
Some of these showed up at discount retailers in 2006.

**** - These titles were only available as part of a 'SECTOR' box set, which included the CDs of 4 Rush albums,
and a bonus DVD-Audio 5.1 disc of one of the indicated title.


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