A Grammy first: Telecast designed for home theater


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Boy that sounds like it should be great. Maybe someone with the ability can do a recording of it and .. well you know what I mean, though I don't want anyone to get in trouble for copyright stuff!:rollin:
Well, as some of you know, I have a 102" 16x9 HDTV setup, and thanks to Dish Network, I will be able to get the broadcast in HDTV and Dolby Digital.

I must admit that I have lost interest in the Grammys lately, but this one I will plop down and watch throughout.

The Dish HDTV recorder is not yet available, so I will not be able to record it, but it should be fun. I will report on Monday.

Picture was stunning, music was clear and definate surround. Mostly audience in the rears, but a great spread in the fronts, including the center. Well worth watching. Norah Jones kicked butt, but then I figured she would. Perfect grammy fodder, although I do like her CD.