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Nov 16, 2003
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I posted the information below in response to Sal1950's question...probably better to have it at the top.

To all QQ members. I apologize for not making this forum a regular stop in my online viewing. I do read the digest every morning but have been pretty busy with the AES paper and preparing videos for my "virtual" university responsibilities. Here are a few notable news items that may be of interest:

1. I launched a Kickstarter campaign last week for my second book. It's titled, A User Guide to Streaming, Downloads, and Personal Audio and is focused on these new developments INCLUDING how surround sound is being addressed in streamers and headphones. I would be very grateful if members would back this project at A User Guide to Streaming, Downloads, and Personal Audio. There are even rewards that include steep discounts on AIX Records album 5.1 surround! See the bottom of this post for a special members only incentive.


2. The administrators at the fall 2020 AES Convention accepted my presentation proposal titled "Native High-Resolution versus Red Book Standard Audio: A Perceptual Discrimination Survey." I spent over a year surveying audiophiles and music consumers to determine whether hi-res audio is a meaningful, perceptible improvement over Red Book CDs or whether it is a marketing ploy. Almost 500 participants submitted results, and the analysis shows the ability to select the hi-res version is no better than tossing a coin. Not really a big surprise. And this was with native hi-res recordings from my catalog. The convention happens in a couple of weeks. The entire paper will be available after that. If anyone would like to participate in the HD-Audio Challenge II, you can sign up at:

3. Yes, it's true. It is highly unlikely that AIX Records will be releasing any new recordings. As hard as it is to admit, I'm getting close to 70 years old, have had more than a few health issues, and have become a landlord rather than a tenant in my studios. It's time to slow down a little and concentrate on other aspects of life — like learning to fly gliders! I recorded and produced over 80 hi-res, surround recordings and released them on DVD and BD discs and as downloads. Some won awards and the entire catalog is highly regarding among audiophiles. Just the other day I received this email from new customer:

Mark I am blown away!!!! I got your BR sampler yesterday and have played it non stop for 2 days in my media room inviting anyone that wants to listen to 5.1 soundtracks in 24/96. True THX reproduction. Some of the tracks make me weak in the knees. I was going to bring it to a local movie theater and play it and get some sales for you. Is that OK? As you know people pass judgment on Audio when they have never listened to real DVDHD and Blueray 24/96 in full THX is is stunning and my jaw and tongue are still dirty from licking the floor. Great Compilation of some of your best work Very much appreciated. You have been and always will be my reference standard until someones Tops your Skills. The imaging in 5.1 is breath taking. I will pass the word. Cheers and thanks for making me realize what an Audiophile should be!!

It's awfully nice to receive comments like that! The sampler is a great way to get familiar with our catalog and approach to surround mixing. You can check it out here: AIX Records – Ultra HD-Audio 2017

As an incentive to any QQ member that backs the new book, I'll send you the HD-Audio sampler free of charge — a $25 value!

Thanks for the bandwidth. Any help you can provide in promoting the new book and the KS campaign, would be very much appreciated. And I'll be monitoring this post and provide answers to any questions.