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Oct 31, 2008
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Please post your thoughts and comments on this 2022 release entitled "XI: Bleed Here Now" by the band ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead.
The Blu-Ray Audio disc features a 4.0 Quadraphonic audio mix.



I bought in July. I didn't like the band's previous albums, but this one is great. Prog-rock, punk-rock classical and many other genres mixed together. And it all makes sense.

The QUAD mix (DTS HD-MA 4.0 and Dolby Digital) is very good. From the front speakers you can hear the basic music, and in the rear there are additional percussion instruments, backing vocals, synthesizers, effects, additional guitars etc. I think that all these elements can be heard better from the quad mix than from the stereo mix.

Worth buying and listening to. I really like it – musically and in terms of the mix.
Trail of the Dead go symphonic prog. They recorded this in quad. Wish more bands would do this. The lyrics are a little heavy handed (and I agree with most of their sentiments), but who really needs another heavy handed analysis of the political problems of the last 6 years when you lived through the drek? In any event, a reasonably priced stand alone blu-ray is always welcome and should be embraced by the QQ community.

More of a spacious vs. active mix, but there is still plenty that is layered in with some interesting developments from song to song. Excellent fidelity.

Music: 7
Mix: 8
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Music is good but the mix could be a lot more active,it's mostly ambient.Seems they used Quark to mix it for surround after the fact.I guess they didn't put a ton of time into the surround mix being a low budget/indie band affair.Sad to see they've called it a day and ended the band!