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Please post your thoughts and comments on this 2018 Multichannel SACD release from Dutton Vocalion of the classic Lynn Anderson albums "Rose Garden" and "Lynn Anderson's Greatest Hits". This Multichannel SACD contains the original 1970s Quadraphonic mixes for both albums.
The Quadraphonic mix of "Rose Garden" is also available to stream in Dolby Audio on Apple Music:
(n) :) (y)

Rose Garden
1. Rose Garden (South)
2. For the Good Times (Kristofferson)
3. Another Lonely Night (Butler; Crutchfield)
4. I Don’t Wanna Play House (Sutton; Sherrill)
5. Snowbird (MacLellan)
6. Your Sweet Love Lifted Me (Sutton; Richey)
7. Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down (Kristofferson)
8. I Still Belong to You (Foster; Rice)
9. I Wish I Was a Little Boy Again (Sutton; Edwards)
10. It’s Only Make Believe (Twitty; Nance)
11. Nothing Between Us (Anderson)

Lynn Anderson (vocal)
The Nashville Edition (background vocals) [1-4, 7-8]
The Jordanaires (background vocals) [5-6, 9-11]

Lynn Anderson's Greatest Hits
12. Rose Garden (South)
13. Cry (Kohlman)
14. How Can I Unlove You (South)
15. Stay There ’til I Get There (Sutton)
16. That’s What Loving You Has Meant to Me (Sutton)
17. Listen to a Country Song (Messina; Garth)
18. You’re My Man (Sutton)
19. No Love at All (Thompson; Christopher)
20. Don’t Say Things You Don’t Mean (Sutton)
21. I’m Gonna Write a Song (Sutton)
22. Nothing Between Us (Anderson)

Lynn Anderson (vocal)
The Nashville Edition (background vocals) [12, 14, 16-17, 19-20]
The Jordanaires (background vocals) [13, 15, 18, 21-22]

Multi-ch Stereo
All tracks available in stereo and multi-channel

This hybrid CD can be played on any standard CD players


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Back when Rose Garden was in the hit parade over here I never even noticed that it actually has quite a strong beat.

I'm VERY pleasantly surprised by this disc. I like the vast majority of the songs, I love the mix, including a few towards the end with a different balance, and I love the sound.

A 9 or a 10. I decided on 10.
Nice having the single version of Rose Garden (Greatest Hits album) as well as a more lively version (Rose Garden album).
The rest of the material isn't as strong as performances of these songs by other artists.

I'd give it a "7".
I voted a 7.

I do like some of the songs, and yeah, I know them all as my pappy used to have her albums. I think the fidelity is a bit "bright" here and there.....but hey...it's not 70's rock or pop, so that's understandable. The mix is good and better than I might have figured. Glad to have it, but this one will not be played too much...especially compared to Garfunkel.

Another 9 from me. I knew the song Rose Garden was by Lynn Anderson, but it turns out there are other songs sung by her that I knew (just did not know she sang them until now!). Great value for money.
I gave her a 8+, didn't like Rose Garden back in the day as I was anti any music that smacked of country, but it's a trip down nostalgia lane now....and by Jove, its damned catchy! The rest....Yes, I knew she had versions of many other popular songs and she's no Anne Murray for Snowbird, but anyone who can put their hair up in that "Do" deserves a least an 8.
I am simply over the moon on this one. This release has me as excited as when we were getting things like Loggins & Messina, Sly & The Family Stone and the Best of the Doors from Audio Fidelity. These classic Columbia Quads must be heard and Lynn Anderson is both a great choice and a great listen. The fact that we get both of her albums is nothing short of spectacular. I really hope D-V continues on this push and gains enough clout to bring us some truly Top-Tier releases.

Having said all that, I'm astonished at the sound Mr. Dutton has pulled from the master tapes. Very little tape hiss can be heard and the dropout during Rose Garden has been fixed! (It has to be on the multitrack because that dropout is present on all stereo mixes as well!)

Even if you're not a country fan, the vocals are terrific and the musicianship is second to none. Highlights are:

- Rose Garden (natch)
- Snowbird
- Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down
- Listen to a Country Song
- I'm gonna write a Song
Can anybody can tell me the total running time for this title?

I'm thinking on buying the SACD.

Thanks in advance,


60 minutes 12 seconds

I haven't listened to this one for a while. I put it on to check the running time and ended up listening to the whole thing. :rocks It certainly is great to have some good old country western in Quad. The recording may show its age a bit, but still a 10 for me.
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Somewhat off-toopic trivia: http://www.playlistresearch.com/sacradio-1960s.htm

"Future country star Lynn Anderson actually worked as KROY's receptionist in the early sixties."

Stumbled across that yesterday while trying to research KHIQ, a fondly-remembered station after someone gave me reel of two hours of their stereo signal from 1965.