Anyone knows WHEN IT'S QUAD by using a Technics SH-3433 AUDIOSCOPE


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Does anyone knows WHEN IT'S REALLY QUAD by using a Technics SH-3433 4 Channel AUDIOSCOPE AND HOW TO SEE THIS
Copies of manual... pages... will be very appreciated too


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There is a copy of the service manual for sale on EBay, item number 350213785435 Also, a unit is available, item number 350282275405

MTGC (Michael)

THANKS MTGC for the links
I still need the OPERATING INSTRUCTION manual in english or french, can anyone help me on this one
Check out these patents.

quadraphonic oscilloscopes

US 3806648

US 4135203


US 3360606

US 3375329

US 3710034

US 4010668 Polysonic electronic system for a musical instrument and methods of
utilizing and constructing same
quad guitar
I built something like that.

But you can tell with an ordinary oscilloscope connected in X-Y mode to the stereo channels (connect left to vertical).

- Left channel info shows as a vertical motion.
- Right channel info shows as a horizontal motion.
- Items panned to center (front) in stereo, RM, or SQ appear as a 45 degree diagonal with the top at the right of the scope.
- Material in the back channels of RM, QS, EV, and Dolby Surround shows up as diagonals with the top at the left.
- SQ back channels, and UMX center front and center back show up as circular motions.
- Multiple sounds show up as a scrambled wiggly area. Stereo shows up with the wiggly area as an ellipse with the long axis diagonal with the top at the right.
- Surround shows up as a circular wiggly area.
Please note that the original author of the above plagiarized article posted by SciFi is QQ Member Donald Patten.
Some quad o-scope patents:

US 3806648 Apparatus for Displaying the Relationship Between Four Signals

US 3892478 Sound to image translator

quad cartridges:

US 3846592 Phonograph Pickup Cartridge for Four Channel Recordings

US 3881073 Replaceable stylus-lever generator module for an electromagnetic cartridge

US 4031336 Electromagnetic pickup with magnetic gap displacement generator

US 3954273 Phonograph pickup cartridge
I found a free oscilloscope program that works on your computer with your sound card.


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