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Oct 31, 2008
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Please post your thoughts and comments on this 2017 Multichannel SACD release from Dutton Vocalion of the two classic Chet Atkins albums "Superpickers" and "Chet Atkins Picks The Best". The Multichannel SACD features the original 1970s Quadraphonic mixes for both albums.
Both Quadraphonic mixes are also available to stream in Dolby Audio via Apple Music:
(n) :) (y)

1. Paramaribo (Loudermilk)
2. Fiddlin’ Around (Gimble)
3. Mr. Bojangles (Walker)
4. Beef and Biscuits (Camison)
5. Sweet Dreams (Gibson)
6. Just Another Rag (Atkins; Hubbard)
7. Canadian Pacific (Griff)
8. City of New Orleans (Goodman)
9. Bells of Saint Mary’s (Tringer)
10. Are You from Dixie? (’Cause I’m from Dixie, Too!) (Cobb; Yellen)

Chet Atkins (guitar); Johnny Gimble (fiddle); Buddy Harman (drums) Larrie Londin (drums); Charlie McCoy (harmonica); Bob Moore (bass) Farrell Morris (percussion); Weldon Myrick (steel guitar); Hargus Robbins (piano);Jerry Shook (guitar); Henry Strzelecki (bass); Bobby Thompson (banjo/guitar); Paul Yandell (guitar/ukulele)

Chet Atkins Picks the Best
11. You’ll Never Walk Alone (Rodgers; Hammerstein)
12. Lovely Weather (Lima)
13. Insensatez (How Insensitive) (Jobim; de Moraes; Gimbel)
14. Colonel Bogey (Alford)
15. Nuages (Reinhardt; Larue)
16. Anna (El Negro Zumbón) (Vatro; Giordano; Engvick) from the film Anna
17. Battle Hymn of the Republic (Trad arr Atkins)
18. All (Oliviero; Jessel; Grudeff; Fidenco) theme from the film Run for Your Wife
19. El Paso (Robbins)
20. Tears (Reinhardt; Grappelli)
21. I Wish I Knew (Moss)
22. Ay Ay Ay (Trad arr Atkins)

Multi-ch Stereo
All tracks available in stereo and multi-channel

This hybrid CD can be played on any standard CD players


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Very much the Nashville "country" end of easy listening.

The musicians featured on countless hits from the 50s and the 60s.

Recording is impeccable.
Sound is impeccable.
Mix is pretty good.
Music is fab.
One of the few discs where I enjoy every track.

If you like the music you won't be disappointed.

Yet another 10.
Awesome, a 10. Love it, Chet in hi rez and in quad. Sounds fantastic. Keep up the great work DV.
OK, this disc deserves more reviews, so lemme get outta lurker mode...

A definite 10!

Below is the review I posted at Amazon, following the good advice I read here to help get the word out on these high-value discs:

This is a fantastic surround experience of a classic artist!

I am not a Chet Atkins fan or a fan of country music in general, but I am a huge fan of surround music and any good music, regardless of genre. My favorite guitarist is Steve Howe (of Yes) and one of his main influences was Chet Atkins. The surround sound forum I frequent- THE best source of info for anything surround, from vintage quad to the next big release, Quadraphonicquad.com- has been raving about the quad releases put out by Dutton Vocalion. So, I decided to give this disc a try.

This is a modern digital copy of a quad mix that was put out on LP back in the early days of surround sound. It is extremely discreet (there are instruments/voices coming from all 4 channels; the center channel in a typical 5.1 setup is silent). If you're used to modern surround mixes, it can be a little jarring at first just how discreet this is; esp. when you hear things like the drums coming from the right front speaker, instead of being centered (as in most modern 5.1 mixes). However, many surround fans prefer discrete mixes, so if you can get past the novelty, this is a stellar mix.

The fidelity on the mix is very good. The surround mix is excellent. I love discreteness and this mix has it in spades. After a few listens, I'd say the music is also very good. Not what I generally listen to, but I can hear echoes of my guitar hero. Chet was considered to be a virtuoso by many; there is plenty of evidence why on these two albums. There are some old standards, arranged in unique and compelling ways.

If you like surround sound and this is the kind of music you like, I highly recommend this disc! You get an sacd of 2 albums in hi-rez surround for less than the cost of most single albums on sacd. Tremendous value imo.

There are many classic quad titles that were put out on the flawed quad LP's back in the day; there are some quad mixes that never got released, languishing in some vault. Dutton Vocalion is doing their part to bring these historic gems back to life- and at a price that's an incredible value! I'd like to thank them for their efforts- keep 'em coming!

If you are a fan of surround sound, please consider this disc and also search for Dutton Vocalion here; they have many more and are releasing more every month. Most surround fans bemoan the paucity of releases we have. If you are among them and don't at least check out D-V, you are doing yourself a disservice. Thanks D-V!
Yeah, it’s hard to argue with any of the previous comments. This is a terrific disc. The content, fidelity and mixes are all first rate. “Superpickers” has an intimate in-studio feel, with only minimal reverb applied. The mix places Chet in the phantom center with each of the other musicians isolated to one of the four corners. The fidelity on “Picks the Best,” recorded in 1967, is equally good. The setting, however, is different. The soundstage is larger and Chet is the only soloist, supported by a band and, at various points, strings and auxiliary percussion. Chet also plays nylon string classical guitar on several pieces. The mix on this one is superb. These Vocalion releases continue to surprise and delight me. A 10.
Wow, how cool is this release? To my ears, spectacular and the quad mix is just super. So glad I purchased this one.....wonderful!!
I voted a 10...which I try not to do too often, but for the music, fidelity and surround mix (oh and the price.....which I try not to let influence me)...this is such an easy 10.
I gave it only a 7, but that's more because I have known (just say it) Country music pickers better than Chet Atkins.
HOWEVER because it has Charlie McCoy (harmonica) & Bobby Thompson (banjo) I gave it the 7.
Did you know Charlie McCoy and Bobby Thompson played on Stever Miller Number 5? Damn fine job they did, too.
As boondocks notes, the musicians on this recording are great. And there are indeed guitar players these days of mind-blowing technical abilities. Some, who do session work, might be asked to "play that Chet sound" and will know exactly what is being requested where their own style is much less identifiable. I think on that metric and the metric of musicality is where this recording excels. I'll confirm the wonderful discrete qualities of the mix. While it doesn't have center speaker sounds, the technicians did send audio to the subwoofer and I am very grateful for that! Very satisfied, I gave 'er 10.
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Yes, Nokie gets it better than I explained for myself. Thanks, you! Your post brings me back to face my feelings about the recording.
I yet remain grateful for an "embarrassment of riches" in guitar players such as Mr. Atkins who have contributed so much of their life to music.
...and all that appear as the "Superpickers" are, indeed in a unique company group of talented musicians, no matter my feelings about the recording.
Late to the party and yes it is a party. Amazed at how good this disc is and that includes both albums and the sonics, music, and surround. The very first track did it for me. I find it hard to believe how many times I have played it since I received it one week ago. Definitely a 10! Back in the 70's I never ever would have bought it. Now I can enjoy it in my seventies instead of the worlds 70's!
I put myself on the “Atkins Diet“ this afternoon. Prog Heads…this most definitely ain’t prog, but if you’re willing to branch out, l highly recommend this set. Remarkably clean sounding and discrete yet immersive at the same time.

It’s difficult for me to believe that one recording in this set is from 1967. Obviously, this type of music was taken much more seriously by the record companies than pop and rock given the quality of the recordings.

Easily a 10.

(Edit: My only nit is that some songs are too short. I want them to keep going, this from a member who likes short songs.)