ATMOS Headphone mixes


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Sep 19, 2022
Austin, Texas
Just curious how many of y'all listen to Spatial or Binaural headphone mixes? And what's your impression of those listening environments? Given that the vast majority of listens of ATMOS material probably happen with headphones, it's an important thing to pay attention to when mixing. There are definitely things that sound cool on speakers that don't translate so well to headphones (particularly related to heights) , so dumbing down mixes to make them appropriate for phones can be a frustration...
I'd be curious to what physical releases have been issued that include a Spartial or Binaural mix. Any good ones out there?

My system has been down for awhile while the room undergoes a remodel so I'm reduced to headphone listening :cautious:. I tried searching my Discogs inventory but that only came up with Loreena McKennitt's - The Visit. That had a Binaural Headphone mix (lossy) but I didn't hear anything special.