Atmos - "Hidden" DD 5.1 Mix Listeners


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The hidden DD 5.1 [down]mix of Atmos content [on optical discs] is available from the coaxial/optical digital audio output on [UHD] Blu-ray players.

Since there are many decoding options for matrix quad encoded content (SQ, for example - no logic, fixed blend, gain riding, gain riding+variable matrix, variable matrix), each with their own directional inaccuracies, I thought it would be interesting to hear from listeners who listen to the DD 5.1 downmix of Atmos content rather than to the Atmos mix (in my case, due to older decoding equipment).

Anyone buying Atmos (music and movie) discs but listening to the DD 5.1 downmix instead of the Atmos mix?

In the case of my ABC disc, I like the DD 5.1 downmix better than the DTS 5.1 mix.

Kirk Bayne