DVD/DTS Poll Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds - No More Shall We Part [DTS 96-24/DD DVD+CD]


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Rate the Audio-DVD of Nick Cave & TBS - NO MORE SHALL WE PART

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Bob Romano

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Apr 26, 2002
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Please post your comments on Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - No More Shall We Part (DTS96/24 Dolby) DVD(y)(n)


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Nice touch to include videos to load on your mp3 players, pity the bonus tracks are only 128k mp3s though.....

It would be nice if the PT/KC/etc.... DVD-As releases did this also :D
The mix is quite ambient, but not totally, now and then you get something in the rears.

It really gives the music (Piano and violin in particular) lots of "air".
I gave this one an 8.

I've always had some mixed feelings about this album. I think there's a lot of very strong writing on it but always thought that maybe he wrote/recorded some of the songs in a key that didn't work with his voice very well - he sounds like he's straining to find the right note sometimes and comes off a bit "whiny." That's okay in a few songs but he's done it in a few too many here.

Next to Boatman's Call (have not played the 5.1 mix of that one yet) this is probably his most subdued and mellow album so I was not really expecting a very aggressive 5.1 mix here. It does give the songs a lot of room but I think a little more use of the rears may have been effective, especially in the few louder/uptempo bits.
Just picked up this disc at a local record store today, so hopefully I will get a chance to listen and vote very soon! :)