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Rate the DVD-A/SACD of Chicago - V

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Mar 2, 2002
Post your thoughts and comments on the 2002 5.1 Mix of this classic album, originally issued by WB/Rhino as a DVD-A, and subsequently released in Japan as an SACD in August 2011.

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Excellent overall. I like the DVD-A mix more than the Quad, and this is maybe the only occourrence.
A '9'....if I loved Chicago more, might even been a '10'....this is, IMO, their best album track for track, and the mix really brings everything out.

This one was a tough decision for me. I have used this LP, CD as one of the first few i try on any new piece of equipment i buy {reciever, speakers, turntable, etc.} because it sounds so good. I have been so used to the stereo mix that the surround mix sounded wierd at first to me. But after several listens i finaly think it sounds as good as the stereo version {possibly better}. The music to me is a definate 10, and the surround mix is a 9. But since i ilke this disc so much i have to go with 10 overall. :)
I guess if you compare it to an SQ LP - its great - and sonically it is, but for the quad mix - i'd go with the Q8. I don't like voices in all four speakers. I like them center front.
its fine for surround - but I like my quad (or 5.1) "discreet". And Dialogue is one of my favorites - love the fact that the electric bass is a lead instrument.
I am not a Chicago fan at all but my younger brother was. However, this was the only Chicago album I could "tolerate" and actually did like, especially the Q8 version. I like the DVD-A for its aggressive use of 4 channels.

Gave it an 8.
Wow. Wow. Wow! The album's first track, "A Hit By Varese," freaks out everyone I show it to in 5.1. The low end, the strange melody, the horns, the funkiness - they absolutely dig it.
yes - the sound is great - but the mix - just can't get into it. to me "discreet" means seperate - and there's just to much cross channel information (for my tastes)
I love Chicago, and the material itself is a 10. Wit the sound, too much cross channel stuff, and the sub is way way low, you certainly feel the bass, but you hardly hear the percussive part of Peter's bass playing. Maybe I have heard the stereo and quad versions too much though. I did give it an 8, for over all effort execution, etc.
It is awesome how well the instruments can be identified in the DVD-A version. The old 2-ch is very good but somehow the horns are mixed together and form a single mass of noise that deos not sound as nice as the DVD-A.
I revisited this disc this afternoon while once again escaping from the heat of the Northeast US. I remember listening to this on vinyl. I would play only the first minute or so of each song except for 'All Is Well' and 'Saturday in the Park' because with the LP format, compression and other limitations rendered the complex instrumentation almost a din at loud sound levels. With this DVDA, it is all there, clear and open even with the volume cranked. What is even more impressive is that, although the mix is hardly aggressive, lacking extensive separation of sounds between the fronts and rears, it is just so wonderfully satisfying!
9. What's great is fantastic: Saturday, Dialogue and A Hit by Varese. Some of the rest is uneven. A woodie.