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Rate the DVD-V of Ian Cooke - THE FLIGHT I FLEW

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Mar 2, 2002
Please post your thoughts and comments on this 2017 CD/DVD-V release from Ian Cooke "The Flight I Flew". QQ's own Ian O'Dougherty did the surround mix and is featured on the album as well.

For more info on this release, check out The Flight I Flew, by Ian Cooke
For the lyric video here's a YouTube link:

It's Ian Cooke's fourth release, The Flight I Flew, is a full-circle album that began with The Fall I Fell, his premiere work from 10 years earlier. These new cosmos-inspired songs transcend from the unrequited love songs of his debut album to the personal struggle with love lost and then refound. Showcasing Cooke's signature cello, piano, and voice, this progressive folk pop album illustrates a battle with inner demons which led to an awakening of self and a realization of love.

Songwriting, cello, piano, and vocals by Ian Cooke.
Produced by Ian O'Dougherty.
Recorded & mixed by Ian O'Dougherty at Popshop.
Beam of Light mixed by Tom Payetta at Macy Sound Studios.
Fourth Eye and Sirens mixed by Jamie White.
Mastered by David Glasser at Airshow.
Photography by Amanda Tipton.
Art concept by Ian Cooke.
Layout and graphic design by Kevin Johnston.
Chris Jusell - violin, viola
Jamie White - percussion, ebow, banjo, melodica, vocals
Ian O'Dougherty - contrabass, ebow, percussion, editing
Whit Sibley - percussion
Tom Hagerman - violin, viola, arrangement on Feel Every Move
Sean Merrell - drums on Nine Moons

I wasn't sure where to put my vote in for this so did it here but I am voting on the flac version of both the album and instrumental 5.1 which is included.
This is rare for me to say this but I am slowly coming around to enjoying being able order flac's over physical copies and am so glad you can order this from bandcamp for a mere $10(what a deal) as you get 2 albums essentially for that price.
Another fantastic release from Ian Cooke and band and Ian O'Dougherty has done a wonderful job on this surround release as vocals and instruments are spread out very nicely and one can definitely get completely immersed in the music on this release.

I hope this release does not get lost in behind all the other big releases this fall as I think most surround enthusiast's would enjoy this.
I enjoy the major release artists just like most people but I have always enjoyed finding those alternative music releases that fly under the radar and the Ian's have produced another jem.

Here's link from bandcamp and order buy record/vinyl for $10 or more as Ian O. has said there isn't a proper place to put 5.1 so that's where Ian O. had to put the 5.1 flac.


This one gets a much deserved 10 score from me as you can hear the love that's been put into this release.
I thought I had voted, but had not. I voted a 10. I really enjoy this title. The music is excellent and the mix is outstanding. I'm with Peter - I think you all would be missing out on some excellent music if you don't get this. It's wonderful.
This is a wonderful album. If you like mellow and you like cello, you need this. The music is very pleasant, both the vocal version of the album and the instrumental version.
And it's weird how different the two versions feel. Listen to both, for sure!
I just don't feel like they could do this music any better. They're on their A-game.
Hopefully their material will surface on lossless optical media, like blu-ray, someday. Until then, this is great.
-.5 points for DTS. Rounding up from 9.5 makes this a 10! :upthumb
Mine is the download version...yes I really have joined the way forward!!
Ian is a total delight to listen to.
I fully agree with all the previous comments.
He needs more exposure for his thoughtful, expertly played and original work of art.
The mixing is top notch
And to get two versions in the download for $10 is outstanding value.
Well done Ian!!

A celloistic 10

And ta for the heads up popshop.
Thanks beerking! Of course we wish we had more listeners too. We worked really really hard on it for ten years. Made some good, made some mistakes, learned a lot, had a lot of fun. Cooke moved to Charlotte a year ago so we're not making music currently. I've considered mixing Fortitude in 5.1, but right now I'm busy writing and recording my own stuff, for which there are even fewer listeners. So it goes! Haha.
Definite 10 for me - the music is unique and compelling and the mix is discrete, adventurous, and appropriate to the songs. Fidelity is top-notch. It's amazing what these guys can do with minimal instruments and a lot of creativity. Plus, the added bonus of dedicated instrumental mixes puts this one over the top.

Now, where's that poll for "The Fall I Fell"?