Def Leppard - Diamond Star Halos (SW Atmos mix; SDE exclusive blu-ray in February 2024)


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Good music mediocre surround mix is my view.
I agree wholeheartedly. I've listened to the songs twice now in two different ATMOS rooms I have and just wasn't sure the mix was anything special. I like the songs. I also listened to the the instrumentals in stereo which I also like. The ATMOS sounds as if all the speakers have all the music distributed evenly throughout.
Listening now, as I write I am at track 8.
Good surround in Atmos. Typical later style songs Def Leppard, after Hysteria. Strong use of floor and height speakers.
There is a sonic fidelity weirdness I hear. The sound has a veil, curtain over it, takes away from any brightness. I personally do not like really bright recordings due to my tinnitus, this recording a touch on the flat side.
I like it a lot however, SDE #16.