Dutton Vocalion: What's Next?


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Maybe he’s waiting for us to buy more of the Great titles that are already there for sale to buy. I know I’ve still missed a few. Now would be a good time to shop.
Michael where are the new DV quad reissues?
Don't let covid get us first before we can buy more DV.
I'm sure they're doing all they can to get the goods out; heck we all miss their quality/low priced magic, but I've got a feeling we might not even see anymore until next year...
And I hope I'm wrong! 😣
At £11.99 for two QUAD albums on one SACD ...... there's ALWAYS room for Dutton Vocalion

Dutton Vocalion: The Reissue Company with
Ralphie, tell that to the missus when you drop $250 on Beatles boxes and then a GOS-approved multipack of DV goodies shows up in the mail!
Credit cards at the ready!
The autumn season is upon us and we’re looking ahead with great anticipation to our next batch of titles. This will contain the usual enticing blend of new recordings with reissues of outstanding back-catalogue material drawn from the archives of various major labels of yore – all in the SACD Hybrid format. Keep checking here for updates: we’ll return with more information as soon as we can. Thanks – the Dutton Vocalion team
DV: Hold my quad beer!
I check almost every other day! But I saw this message on the website today, so hopefully more releases soon 🤗 Welcome to the Dutton Vocalion website