Fire Cube Tv - issue - Dolby Atmos


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Apr 22, 2005
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In search for my “perfect system” I recently bought a Fire Cube Tv 4K.
I already own a Apple TV 4K and a Nvidia Shield TV 4K.
I bought it because actually it’s the only way I can play 360RA music through my Marantz SR7015 with Amazon Music app and subscription.

In another thread I linked a Dolby Atmos album to test the system from Apple Music. That album is now available from Tidal and Amazon Music too, though with different order and songs.

I just tried to play 7.1.4 Atmos test files on Fire TV Cube and I noticed something weird, both with Amazon or Tidal.

When it’s playing back it sounds like it’s downmixed to 5.1.2 but I’m in a 7.1.4 configuration.
I also checked it out with my Nvidia Shield, and though Amazon Music can’t play spatial audio, I tested it with Tidal. It plays flawlessly. So I went back on Tidal in my Fire TV and I got the same issue I had with Amazon.

It looks like there’s something wrong with the HDMI Passthrough and Atmos.
BTW, in 360 reality it’s working fine