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Rate the DVD-A/SACD of Fleetwood Mac - RUMOURS

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Mar 2, 2002
Please post your comments, thoughts and observations on the DVD-A from Warner Brothers, which has subsequently been released in 2011 by WB on SACD in Japan.





This DVD-A has great music a 10. And the surround mix is pretty good about an 8. So i would rate it at 9 overall.
I didn't pay much attention to it when it was new in the 70s, but now it's one of my favorites and I played it 4 times in a row when I got the DVD. Now I could hear all the subtle instrumentation which makes it a masterpiece to me. Before it was to much "mainstream" for me. My favorie tracks are The Chain and Daddy. The add-ons like photographs, infos etc. are also well done. A "10" for this album from me.
This was never a favorite of mine music wise, but I'd heard how great the recording was. However, I was disappointed to hear how compressed it was. I play it occasionally and don't mind it as background music - a 7.
Nice album, nice surround... not a favourite of mine but a nice listening, elegant and not too intrusive.
My only gripes about this disc (as I mentioned on the "L.A. Woman" thread) are the inclusion of the heretofore absent drums and guitar overdubs on "Never Going Back Again," and the extremely odd placement of "Silver Springs," particularly at the expense of moving "Songbird" to the end of the disc. (This decision is made even more puzzling by the fact that on the audio-only "documentary" that's included, the group talks specifically about how they made a big deal about placing "Songbird" right after "Go Your Own Way!") It's interesting to note that the subsequently-released "Deluxe Edition" CD places "Songbird" in a much less confusing place.

At any rate, the mix itself is pretty good. Some of the tracks ("Dreams" sticks out in my mind) sound vaguely different, but it's hard to exactly explain how. Just a different feel, I suppose. But still a disc that stands up very nicely to repeated listening.
A '9'....overall, nice mix, but as noted, placement of "Songbird" is odd, and it's a shame the original mix of "Never Going Back Again" wasn't mixed for 5.1, though it's kept in stereo.

ED :)
So far I have given this one an Eight. Very nicely done.

Makes me remember all the reasons I bought it in the first place, and the only reason it didn't score higher is because to me it is one of those albums that almost got played to death years ago.
You must know what I mean - it was played two or three times at every party you ever went to as a kid shortly after you discovered Alternative rollups.

A fine album though, and recommend it to anyone.
Hm. I like the music, even though I'm not the worlds greatest Fleetwood Mac fan. (Peter Green, yes.) I'm a little concerned about the ballancing of this one though -the treble energy would take the paper off the walls through a bright set of speakers, though it does show off the detail in the recording. Thank God for a decent set of tone controls! Worth having, and a good mix.
Between this and "Say You Will", I'm convinced that Fleetwood Mac "Gets it" when it comes to multichannel mixes.

One of my all time favorites.

Disclaimer: I've always had the Hots for Stevie Nicks. ;)
I give it a nine. It is one of my most played discs and it's been on of my faves since it was released. Very nice mix and really has never sounded better.
I gave it a 10. Best sounding dvd audio disk I have heard. The Denon 2900 sounds like at $10K+ machine while playing this disk.
dprokopy said:
Some of the tracks ("Dreams" sticks out in my mind) sound vaguely different, but it's hard to exactly explain how.

The Dreams backing vocals are too loud, putting the whole track out of balance.
I was most looking forward to this cut, but Ken C's remix wrecked it for me.
There are other not-so-vague changes in the mix, but haven't listened in awhile so can't detail them now. I know that the added instrumentation in "Never Going Back Again" was a conscious decision of the band, not the remix engineer. Supposedly the extra channels allowed more of the original instruments to fit without sounding crowded.

I find Christine McVie's songs to be insufferable. Band politics dictated that her crappy, forgettable tracks take precedence over Stevie Nick's much-better songs, even an obvious gem like "Silver Springs". The explanation for the new order of the songs, I believe, is a polite way for the band to say this is how it should have been if not for fear of offending the McVie's.

Unlike many recent hi-rez releases that give the sonics a serious updating, this release sounds hissy, thin, compressed, and just plain old. But some tracks have nice surround so I give it a 6.
I dunno, "Songbird" is hardly insufferable to me....and on other albums, she came up with such beauties as "Over My Head" and "Never Make Me Cry,"
the latter a nice little pop masterpiece, IMO, that's never gotten its proper due(sheesh, can't they get these DVD-A's out? Where is TUSK?!?)

Nicks? Her 'Welsh witch' crap wore on me early, and as a singer, McVie blows her right out of the band. Given the choice between including a song by Nicks or a song by McVie, I'll take sweet Christine every time. Beyond "Rhiannon" and a few others, Nicks just never impressed me much....

ED :)