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Forget reality, what is your dream multichannel release?

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May 12, 2017
Center of Sound Field
Mine is that Dutton releases a two-fer of hither-unto-known quad releases of Paul Kantner's BLOWS AGAINST THE EMPIRE and PLANET EARTH ROCK AND ROLL ORCHESTRA.

I actually corresponded with Stephan Barncard (who mixed David Crosby's 5.1 of IF I COULD ONLY REMEMBER MY NAME) about that, and he said he'd do BLOWS for 50,000 dollars, but RCA would have to agree and delve deep and find the tapes.

Seriously, I'd instigate crowd funding for that. <and then I woke up>

What's yours?
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Jan 9, 2013
Probably the Rolling Stones catalogue. After hearing the EP SACD of Sympathy for the Devil in all of its configurations and hearing the tonal quality of the remix in all it's glory ... seriously folks .....if the Beatles can do it so can [elusive to surround]



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Jul 8, 2018
Some nice suggestions here.

For me, probably Todd Rundgren's 70s catalogue mixed into 5.1. Imagine A Wizard, A True Star, Todd and Initiation in 5.1.! And to imagine that maybe a 70s Quad mix of Initiation languishes in a vault somehwere...

The Who Live at Leeds (complete show in sequence without edits) and Who's Next/Lifehouse material.
The entire Led Zeppelin catalogue.
Stones 68-73.
More Hendrix - might only be feasible with the 69-70 stuff, but would make an excellent opprotunity to gather all the material from those years rather than try to compile some imaginary 4th studio album.
John Martyn - especially Solid Air, Inside Out, One World and the stunning Live at Leeds.
Little Feat - entire ctalogue (jamoke beat me to it!)
Another dream would be if Dutton Vocalion were able to secure and release the Quad mix of Mahavishnu Orchestra's "Apocalypse" if it exists. Maybe a two-fer with a hitherto unknow Quad mix of Visions of the Emerald Beyond.
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Jun 13, 2013
Melbourne, Australia
I’ve done this before:
Phil Collins catalogue
Spirit - Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus

I’d love to hear:
Joe Jackson
Elvis Costello
Simply Red
Some Australian pub rock from the eighties

I’m praying those rumoured/pre-announced Atmos tracks will deliver...


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Jan 1, 2010
Southern NY
If we're forgoing reality...

1. Entire Steely Dan catalog remixed to 5.1 by Elliot Scheiner (even just Pretzel Logic would be nice)
2. Entire Rush catalog remixed to 5.1 by Steven Wilson
3. Aerosmith quad mixes released on a digital format
4. Unreleased Eagles' debut LP and Desperado quad mixes released on a digital format