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Free, pay shipping, Not working Technics SH-400, Akai CR-80D-SS


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701 Club - QQ All-Star
Apr 5, 2004
San Diego area
Need to find a good home for these 2 quadraphonic units. I just don't think I'll ever get them fixed and use them.
If somebody in So Cal can fix them for a fair price, I would like to hear about that.
These two units are free but taker will need to pay shipping via PayPal.
Shipping from Escondido, CA, USA

Technics SH-400 CD-4 demodulator. Left side just does not work, no sound, adjustments have no effect.
This did work years ago, I even sent this unit quadfather many years ago and worked for him, but not working for me for years.
I do not know if the QSI chip is good. Meters were working.
Shipping weight is 10 lbs.

Akai CR-80D-SS quadraphonic 8-track player/recorder.
One channel is out, if I remember correctly it is left rear, but cannot be sure which channel.
Was working well till the channel went out a several years ago. I do not think I ever tried to record on this machine.
This did have the 'scratchy sound' problem that was common on these units. Hopefully
somebody can get this working and use it.
Shipping weight is 30 lbs.

If you are near San Diego, would be able to meet and save shipping.

Please send PM if interested.