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Apr 23, 2013
Central Illinois
Hey all -

I would say by accident, one of our QQ members located a band that is offering a 5.1 (among other formats) FLAC download of their 7 song offering from Bandcamp website.

Our own,Jimfisheye was in charge of the 5.1 mix...which is too cool. Anyway, the bands new offering is called Live at South Madison Police Station. Band is called Golpe Tierra and on the cover of the album it says "Afro-Peruvian Music"

Not sure about that, but the music is very cool and the 5.1 mix is outstanding! Bass? What? You want bass? Look no further. :)

Here is the link (OK, well, the link is below....) to download the music and they are asking a very modest price. :)
What you will find is that the 5.1 FLAC is buried within the package you download...in fact, it's buried within a PDF file. When you open the PDF file, you scroll down towards the bottom and click...there you will be directed to the 5.1 files.

The bummer is - they are experiencing problems with the company the cloud service they are connected with. This means you will get an error message. I know, I know. Seems complicated. From there I emailed them (the band) and they provided me a direct link and I was then able to download the 5.1 Flac files. Now, the catch there is... DO NOT TRY TO DOWNLOAD THE ZIP FOLDER...IT WON'T WORK. Just double click on the zip folder, then the 5.1 only folder will be displayed...hi-lite it, then click download and the individual songs will be downloaded.

Geez - I think I worked up a sweat. Anyway, thought it would be good to post this here so we can support this band...if you like the music. I love the music and it just sounds spectacular.

Golpe Tierra
Nice write up Gene, totally agree with this. It is a surprise release from a surround point of view. I am not familiar with the genre so cannot compare. This release however sounds great.

Getting the files is a bit ackward at the moment. The music and mix by Jim makes you forget that easily. Mix has guitar and bass in front and rear. Lead voclas in the center and harmony vocals in the rears. In one of the songs percussion breaks out to all channels, a nice touch.

all in all a recommended release, and only $5.