Golpe Tierra - Golpe Con Golpe, new album 5.1 FLAC download on bandcamp


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Robert van Diggele

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Apr 12, 2009
Woerden, The Netherlands
On Bandcamp is a pre order available for the new Golpe Tierra album, called Golpe Con Golpe, https://golpetierra.bandcamp.com/album/golpe-con-golpe
Digital Album download includes full quality 24 bit stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixes (lossless FLAC files) as well as all portable formats (CD, mp3, Apple, etc). Just follow the link in the txt file bonus item.

The description does not say it, but this has Jim Newhouser written all over it. He has worked with the band before, and the download options are his style.

More info to come I guess.
Album is out now! But I am struggeling again with this Mega.nz website, where the 24/96 stereo and 5.1 files are stored. Edge gave me sight on the files, but said ZIP file is larger than 1GB, plase use a modern browser :) Now I try with Firefox and get link is not valid. Also now in Edge says link not valid.
I just popped in here to mention this is now fully released. (And if you downloaded the 1st 2 songs for the pre release, please download them again with the whole set. Slight mastering alteration.)

I'm disappointed to hear of download troubles though!
I just tested it with Firefox and it just worked FWIW.

What OS are you running Robert? I know that 10.6 is not fully supported by Firefox anymore (although I find it still works). Maybe something like that? Or maybe Mega went just went down for a minute? Apparently Safari is not a "modern browser" anymore either just like the stock Microsoft one. Don't know what to say about that but I will say that OS releases the last couple years have felt like regression. Many things feel like regression these days... But this album is not one of them!

This album is just audacious to me! Acoustic instrumentation choices that leave the players very exposed. Not too many players willing or able to step up to the plate with that.
Hi Jim, thanks for stopping by. I should have mentioned but I was able to download at a later stage. First attempt was too late in the evening I think, as I was copying the link nor properly :yikes

Album is great. Nice songs (although I cannot understand the lyrics becasue of language barrier). Will give it a few more listens to say more about it.