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Feb 23, 2023
Hello everyone, I come from Hamburg in Germany and I'm really glad to find this Forum. I found it after searching for information on the SDE Surround series, but I think this can become my new home here.

Just recently I upgraded my Soundsystem to Atmos, but before that I already had a 5.1 system for about 20 years. At least my Atmos system initially wasn't really an ear opener to me, but after putting the Atmos speakers into the correct position I have a nice and atmospheric sound that appears to be very "round". But still I miss the vertical sound elements most of the time, probably I will have to work on the system again...
But still I really like all sorts of surround music, especially albums from the 70s and 80s, since I love the fact that I can hear much more detail in the music that I thought I knew already.
I never tried streaming surround music, since I am also a collector and want to have physical copies whenever possible (hence the SDE series), but I will probably try it sooner or later.

My main reason for becoming member of this forum is that I hope to get news about new surrounds releases as early as possible. Also I would like to exchange opinions about releases with other members, who hopefully are as nerdy as I can be about surround music.

Thanks for having me and see you all in the threads!
Good morning and welcome!..

You'll find TONS of great and very useful information here, from very knowledgeable people and sources.. Looks like you already have the surround bug...here you are surrounded with fellow surround addicts..:)

Make sure you check out the surround polls to find the greatest of the greats...

Also there's a thread that lists all the latest releases by year.. i think this is the correct ink...

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Welcome, sounds like you will fit right in! Looking forward to hearing more about your transition to Atmos and any adjustments you make along the way. I'm using a 4.1 set up, and just started dabbling a bit in 6.1. I've never been much for a center channel, but do give it a try every now and then. And everybody's different Atmos experiences are great to hear about.

I recently went from nearly an all album person to streaming / downloading. Worked for me! Hate to say it, but for now, my poor albums are collecting dust! All part of the journey.

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Looking forward to hangin’ here with you :smokin

The 70’s & 80’s are my fav periods also, can you give a short list of some of your favorite titles from that era please?

I prefer physical discs (BD & SACD) as well, but the whole streaming thing will be unavoidable I fear very shortly. And seeing as it’s still in its infancy, it’s a hosed-up mess so far IMO. Apple TV 4K here for me, but only 5.1 until I can upgrade my system.
The Apple Spatial Audio is hard to search on, some music sounds too compressed and harsh (but not all), competing types of - Atmos, MPEG H/360RA, etc, a lack of those 70’s titles we both love (but hopefully will get more); and finally, only renting as they can be taken down without our control.
The great aspect to streaming though, is finding new stuff you may end up loving; and perhaps eventually, streaming will improve & surround music starts getting noticed more by the masses and hangs around for many years.


The Mutt
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Thank you all so much for your kind messages.

The link that djstephan posted (thank you in particular) is very interesting - of course it's quite demanding to work myself into this gigantic blog after it already exists for what - 10, 15 years?! This is going to take some time... and money, I'm afraid, since every second posting seems to include something interesting to buy.

Maybe that's also the reason wha I didn't dive into streaming services so far - I try to stick to the thought that the quality must be much better on physical media. I thank god on my knees for the fact that I'm not into vinyl at all and only collect CD-sized media. That's more than enough though. Ask my wife!

Sooner or later I will have to check out the streaming as well, since it seems to be the future as opposed to physical box sets. I am so disappointed that newer box sets often don't include spatial audio anymore.

Everything that The Mutt mentions includes the main reasons why I still prefer box sets anyway. I love Jethro Tull, Gentle Giant, Genesis, King Crimson, Van Der Graaf Generator, 80s Marillion and the likes, but also some geat contemporary stuff like Riverside, Porcupine Tree, Pineapple Thief and so on... what do you prefer?
"I never tried streaming surround music, since I am also a collector and want to have physical copies whenever possible (hence the SDE series), but I will probably try it sooner or later." We are the same in that regard for sure. We are new here too and am finding that this outfit is awesome for people like us. You can get lost in here! You're going to love this place and some very nice people here too. Welcome Der Dude!👌
Welcome to QQ


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