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Oct 31, 2008
Middle TN
Please post your thoughts and comments on this new Blu-ray Audio release from Rhino Records of the classic Hot Tuna album "Burgers".
This new Blu-ray Audio release is part of Rhino's ongoing Quadio series and features the first release of this classic Quadraphonic mix since the 1970s! o_O


The drums do sound a little dry in the bigger picture if I had to say so, but guitars sound very nice and liquid, the mix and layout is absolutely fine with me. I'm a fan of strong front to back separation with a few things linked, and this has that going for it.
I'm quite a fan of Hot Tuna and like this album very much, even though it's not my favorite. Because guitarist Jorma Kaukonen and bassist Jack Casady were the instrumental heart of Jefferson Airplane, I couldn't resist buying all their albums as they were released -- at least up through America's Choice.

I rummaged around and found my old LP along with an early CD issue just to compare the sound. The somewhat lower vocals on the first couple of tracks is pretty close to the original stereo release. The Quad has fairly loud sound coming from the surrounds which I think slightly buries the vocals.

The instruments are clear and the mix is pleasantly aggressive. Papa John Creach's violin is sometimes in the back left and other times to the front; same with the guitars and drums which swap places with different speakers from one track to another. Not a lot of wild panning, but it's a great 70s style surround that's unafraid to experiment with sound placement.

I'd always wondered why the album was titled Burgers. I don't know if Jorma's notes were written specifically for the Rhino Quadio, but he explained that the band planned on releasing another two albums titled Shakes and Fries, an idea that was later abandoned.

My rating is 9. Hope Rhino keeps the Hot Tuna quads coming...
Thoughts on Burgers quad : I didn't like the buried vocals on True Religion.
Highway Song : The acoustic guitars sound better on the stereo mix.

I love this album so no problem with content.
I gave it 8
Another album which gives me good reason to carry-on buying Quadio releases. Never owned a Hot Tuna album note sure why but Quadio @ForagingRhino thank you for putting these albums out they are fantastic. Sound 10 out of 10 the mix typically period. The music not 100 percent my cup of tea Papa John's whiney violin sound is the only retraction from an otherwise excellent album.