Jack Bruce "Songs For A Tailor" (Stephen W Tayler 5.1 mix coming soon!)


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The story of the inspiration for the album's title, Jeannie Franklyn:


Songs for a Tailor​

On Jack Bruce's official website, there is a description of his reasons to name his first solo album 'Songs for a Tailor' :

"SONGS FOR A TAILOR is a reference to a young American designer named Jeannie Franklyn (Genie the Tailor), who used to make clothes for Cream. Jeannie was a cousin of Phil Ochs, and was guitarist Richard Thompson's girlfriend from 1968 onwards. She was in the Fairport Convention van after a show when it crashed on a motorway at night. The FC roadie who was driving fell asleep, killing the young drummer of FC and Jeannie. She died on 12 May 1969 in England. Jeannie used to enjoy the way Jack sang the "high" notes."


Her business card:





Jeannie was dating Richard Thompson of Fairport Convention and was traveling with his band in the UK. On Monday morning, May 12, 1969 they were passengers of a van, which while being driven by the band's road manager, crashed and caused the deaths of Jeannie Franklyn and Martin Lamble, the drummer of the group. According to a newspaper report on the crash, Jeannie was 27 at the time of her death, but there has been no official confirmation about that.

There is a VERY GOOD chance that disc 6 is the BBC MATRIX H QUAD broadcast .
The date is bang on , as was the very first rock matrix h transmission, April 30th 1977.

Just thought people might want to be aware of this potential.
I can confirm that the CD stereo release, Smiles And Grins: Broadcast Sessions (4 CD's) has in stereo a recording:
Disc 4: Track 1, Madhouse (Live, BBC Radio One In Concert, Paris Theatre, London, 30 April 1977) the announcement of the very first ever BBC broadcast of Matrix H Quad.
The announcer does a Hello X 4 for listeners with 4 speaker capability.
Of course I am listening to a stereo CD so I only hear it go back and forth as Left/Right.
Note: The Blu Ray does not have the song Madhouse, so no go on hearing in Quad.
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I am fairly deep into the 4 stereo CD's of Smiles and Grins, wow I am really impressed.
I have thought of Jack Bruce only as heavy, Cream and Leslie West, but man these 4 discs have a huge spread of genres, very interesting and a lot of fun to listen to.
Highly recommend that you purchase Smiles and Grins-4 CD stereo set.
Oh yes comes with two Blu Rays for 24 stereo video recordings.
I, too, am appreciating the depth & breadth of the material.
The liner notes by Sid Smith, who wrote a lot of the King Crimson notes, are an excellent history of Jack's solo career.
This is a great appetizer for the upcoming surround release.

The blu rays are a delight, especially the Tony Williams Lifetime set with pre-Mahavishnu John McLaughlin.
The Carla Bley - Mick Taylor Old Grey Whistle Test, recorded 49 years ago on D-Day, is a revelation.
Oh yes comes with two Blu Rays for 24 stereo video recordings.

Though the audio is hi-res 2.0, it seems to be double mono.
I found any decoding collapsed everything to the center channel.
So I've been happily listening in room-filling 7.1 mono with bass enhancement in the LFE channel.
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