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Good grief, I last posted here in 2008..

I was an avid listener of KSAN, as would any Rock fan in the Bay Area. As I recall, KSAN only did Quad very rarely. And it would have been show specific. By 1978 this would have been a big no for anything Quad. But, there were Sacramento stations that still broadcast in QS quad by running stereo through an Sansui encoder. Looking back, and checking the Billboard archives, “The King Biscuit Flower Hour” wasn’t broadcast in San Francisco for some reason. But, I was able to record the Quad shows from a Sacramento station. But, I don’t recall much if anything in Quad from the KBFH shows by 1978. I still have a Boston KBFH show I recorded on reel to reel, and it’s unfortunately not Quad. Although, the faze effect from a guitar gives somewhat of a surround effect when I played it through an SQ decoder.

As for the Winterland Sex Pistols concert, I went to the show and it was broadcast live on KSAN. I told my Dad what buttons to push at a certain time, and left my equipment on. When I got home, I had the show on cassette. But, it was not broadcast in Quad. They would have mentioned it, had they done it that way.
I'm asking a friend who was KSAN program director in the '70s, we'll see what he remembers.
I asked him, he said he had no idea, it wasn't anything the station arranged. Even though he's nearly 84, his memory is quite sharp, and he remembers the station waiting for a technical standard for quadraphonic FM, which (as we know) didn't happen.