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neil wilkes

2K Club - QQ Super Nova
Feb 6, 2004
London, England
he one night only spectacular filmed at London's Hammersmith Apollo on November 15, 2003 showcased tracks from Kylie's ninth studio album 'Body Language, including the No.1 hit 'Slow'. Kylie also treated fans to a few favourites from her extensive catalogue of hits including 'Can't Get You Out Of My head', 'Spinning Around' and a sultry new take of 'Breathe', set against the sexy euro classic 'Je T'aime'. For this one-off event that cost £1m to stage, tickets were only available to a lucky 4,000 competition winners and specially invited guests, serving to heighten the sense of occasion.
'Kylie Body Language Live' includes a brand-new edit of the show created especially for DVD release and restores songs omitted from the TV transmission to offer the complete 13 track set.


1. Still Standing
2. Red Blooded Woman
3. On A Night Like This
4. After Dark
5. Chocolate
6. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
7. Slow
8. Obsession
9. In Your Eyes
10. Secret
11. Spinning Around
12. Love At First Sight
13. Breathe / Je T'aime

Sorry, but we had to get some Kylie in here.
Please post your thoughts, comments & observations.
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Bob Romano

Staff member
Since 2002/2003
Apr 26, 2002
Viva Las Vegas
I just got this one. I love Kylie. She is darned cute AND she can actually sing and does so through the whole show. As far as I can tell, which is also true for all her concert vids, she does not lip synch. Not a really discrete show but the soundfield is really big and it sounds great cranked up!! Looks really nice too. If you like pop music check this one out. And did I tell ya she's really cute too!!!??