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Finally this evening...

An electro pop number.

Chromeo have long been a favourite of mine - I saw them for the first time back in 2007 at Koko in Camden Town - and this is a really nice, immersive mix with some great discrete activity. Most interestingly, it appears they've gone back and re-done the Atmos mixes for the three songs that were released as singles ahead of the album (Replacements, Words With You, (I Don't Need) A New Girl)) and made them significantly more interesting from a surround POV than the original mixes.

Only time will tell how well this ages for me musically, but it seems much stronger than their last couple of efforts, though I would've liked to have heard more talkbox vocals, which were a signature part of their earlier (and best) work.
Nia Archives! And that Fergus McCreadie marks another Atmos mix for Edition Records, the UK-based contemporary jazz label that released (for streaming, anyway) Dave Fridmann's Atmos mix of Donny McCaslin's I Want More last year.
check out the new Jacob Collier in Atmos when you have a mo., spine-tingling 😍