Listening to Now (Fake Surround-Specify Method)


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I also bought the MP3s of this album from Amazon (I was just curious about the CSG system and fake surround), CSG isn't mentioned in the description on Amazon about the MP3s of this album.

Kirk Bayne

Moderate surround sound effects w/Hafler passive speaker matrix "decoding" directly from the LPs (since I currently have my AT-LP60 connected to my bedroom A/V system).

The songs Escapade and Together Again have some good surround effects, at times, it sounds like discrete 3 channel surround sound.

Kirk Bayne

On the 40th anniversary of RCA ending their CED videodisc system, I listened w/Hafler - more spacious sound, crowd noises tended to appear in the surround "channel".

This CED videodisc was, for many years, the only one I owned that never skipped, that's no longer true, it has a few skips now (and some other glitches that blank out the picture [but not the sound, strangely]).

Kirk Bayne
I heard/saw this Beta Hi-Fi demo tape in 1983 at a Sony dealer (stereo, no surround sound, although the tape does mention home theater), I had previously heard VCR Hi-Fi audio from a JVC VHS Hi-Fi prototype (stereo headphones only) at the 1983 SCES in Chicago.

Listened with Hafler/DynaQuad - The demo audio surround sound is variable, the Star Wars segment has good surround.

Kirk Bayne

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