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Looking for "Surround2" version of Stereotomy DVD-A UHJ

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Feb 2, 2011
Sorry I am quite new here althoug registred some time ago. I try to get the decoded Stereotomy in DVD-A format via a torrent, but it sticks at 6% for ages.
There is also an old torrent file od Steve Hackett - Till We Have Faces in UHJ.

Since the world is small, I hope somebody can help me to get this ;)

This is the txt file: (some links not work, maybe too old...)

I would love to hear this one! (not the Upmixed dts version... )

Thanks in advance.

Alan Parsons-Stereotomy Ambisonic UHJ Decoded DVD-A

This is a DVD-Audio of Alan Parasons-Stereotomy in 16/48 4.1 surround from
the original CD release, Arista ARCD-8384. The CD has been remastered since
this came out but I was not able to get confirmation that it still contained
the original UHJ encoding although it does thank Richard Elen for the use
of his Ambisonic equipment just like the original release.

1. Stereotomy
2. Beaujolais
3. Urbania [Instrumental]
4. Limelight
5. In the Real World
6. Where's the Walrus? [Instrumental]
7. Light of the World
8. Chinese Whispers [Instrumental]
9. Stereotomy Two
10. In the Real World (UHJ Decoded even though it is not encoded)

The album was encoded using the Ambisonic UHJ matrix format and was played back
through the Ambisonic decoder in a Onkyo SV-909 receiver in the UHJ Mode except
for track 5 "In The Real World" which is not UHJ encoded and therefore the Super
Stereo mode was used on the decoder. I included "In The Real World" UHJ decoded
as track 10 just for grins.

Ambisonic decoders can compensate for different speaker layouts and on this
decoder it can accommodate 3 speaker layouts. A wide rectangle, a long rectangle
and a square with speakers at 90 degrees to each other, same as a quad layout.
I used the square layout for this.

I created the sub woofer channel by using the 2 front channels and rolling off
at 70 Hz. No crossover was used on the front or rear channels so they contain
everything in the original mix.

Info on Ambisonics


Ambisonic FAQ

Ambisonic Discography

This is DVD-Audio only !!!
There is no DTS or extra DVD-Video content !!!
Therefore you need playback equipment which can handle DVD-A.
A normal DVD playback unit will not play this.

For best result use DVD Decrypter or ImgBurn to burn the ISO.

Please seed and comments always welcome!!!

Upped by Surround2 on Demonoid 2010


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Oct 18, 2002
College Grove, TN
As a big fan, I did not think the Steve Hackett disc was worth listening to again.


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Feb 2, 2011
Don't know but every Alan Parsons in surround is great ;) I wait for him releasing some old stuff again in 5.1 (if anybody can do that, it's him...)


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Mar 30, 2009
London, England
I didn't think we were supposed to discuss these torrent/rip things in the open forum here!? :mad:@:


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Jan 20, 2009
perhaps but this one isn't an official release. i mean conversion to DVD-A. thus it can't be found neither at retailers
nor grey market. since decoding and DVD-A authoring were done by unofficial, the only way to obtain this release is
an internet sharing resources. it's belong to category of obsolete Q4, Q8, LPs, never officially printed but somehow
leaked out surround mixes - conversion to DVD-A such like AP mix of DSOTM before "immersion box", Chicago, etc.
in regard of this particular one, i do remember that i do have it and have no problem to share. just have no idea where
to look for at the moment as all stuff still packed from the move to new place.