Lost in the Sixties!


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I'd like to recommend the TV series "The Sixties". I've seen a lot of films on the decade and this is one I relate to the most and covers those times as I remember them. So well done!!!

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Here's another LP I had given up all hope of it ever landing on CD. It took until 2018, but it was totally worth the wait. The iconic, self titled 1969 debut album from NRBQ on Columbia Records, is a dazzler! It sounds as fresh and vital today as it did back then, when, unfortunately, it seemed like the label didn't know what to do with it. Columbia was riding high with B, S & T, Chicago, etc., and NRBQ was a very different animal. At the time, nobody else was doing Sun Ra or Eddie Cochran covers. "Stay With We" and "Kentucky Slop Song" are stone cold classics, and the digital mastering is superb.

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I don't watch TV, but I may have to check this out.
Yep, not on Amazon. Bummer
It is on a number of streaming services: Max, Apple TV, Roku Channel and $2 per episode on Prime and Vudu.

Just what you need, yet another streaming service. (And then they can pull the show when you are half way through it.)
WOW..... THANK YOU to ALL, for the walk down memory lane.........
I've said before, but Iam constantly amazed by the sheer volume of knowledge from the members here

While I was heavily into the music scene in the 70's, Iam just an old motorcycle guy that became a welder that traveled the country for work, so having my stereo setup wasn't possibly living out of a suitcase......But after digging my old system out, Ive found the joy of tunes with my morning coffee

Ive got tons of 45's with many of these artists, but my storing of them, scratched them to almost unplayable condition
Thankfully my vinyl's got better treatment

This post caught my attention as I am getting ready to leave for my weekly motorcycle group ride.
Iam still stuck in the 70;s with my musical tastes. With the mention of Donovan.........Mellow Yellow, will be stuck in my head all day.....LOL
Also a BIG Jimi Hendrix fan.......mainly because I lost my virginity to Purple Haze in the backseat of a 65 Mustang at a drive-in movie theater.
Now I can't even climb into the back seat of a 65 Stang :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
Bend Me, Shape Me - American Breed
#1 on WLS! Lipsynch I recall seeing in'67.
Guys from my old neighborhood that morphed into Rufus.

The Last Thing on My Mind (live) - Tom Paxton

Java - Al Hirt

Time Won't Let Me - Outsiders
Lead singer Sonny Geraci hit again in 70's w/Precious & Few - Climax

So, after his stint co-writing with Brian Wilson on the ill-fated SMiLE album, producing "Sit Down I Think I Love You" for the Mojo Men, and his far out Datsun commercial backing track...

...Van Dyke Parks was making quite a name for himself. He parlayed that into a 1968 debut album entitled Song Cycle. It remains as cryptic and intriguing today as it was back then. Good, heady stuff!

Song Cycle (front).jpg
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I'd like to recommend the TV series "The Sixties". I've seen a lot of films on the decade and this is one I relate to the most and covers those times as I remember them. So well done!!!

I have that one and the follow up "The 70's" on DVD. I haven't watched them in a long time. They were decent enough to watch and had a good smattering of music.
My two memories were, one, that was the first time I remember seeing Julia Stiles, and two, if it happened in the 60s then it happened to this particular family. This one family seemed to be at the nexus of the 60's. Every event, every fad, every counter culture cliche', touched their lives. Reminded me of Forrest Gump.
I may have to try to find them in one of my boxes and watch them again. I'd forgotten all about them.

This movie was a much better one and is still available on Amazon....

It was one of those unlikely pairings that occurred from time to time in the Sixties. But, there is no denying that something special happened when Roger Cook and Madeline Bell teamed up in Blue Mink. The group's 1969 debut album, Melting Pot, is a real eye and ear opener. Madeline Bell's amazingly, soulful voice really shines on "Can You Feel It Baby" and "Our World." Sadly, the group's catalog is not well represented on CD and it's in need of a proper remastering. I did a bit of tweaking, but the sound on this comp is way too compressed and somewhat harsh. However, there is no denying the great music therein. It'll have to do until (or if) something better comes along. Perhaps it already has and I just don't know about it.

Melting Pot (front).jpg

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