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Rate the Audio-DVD of Magenta - SEVEN

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Bob Romano

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Since 2002/2003
Apr 26, 2002
Viva Las Vegas
Please post your thoughts and comments on this release that comes with a Dolby 5.1 Audio DVD.(n)(y)


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The theme of this disc is the seven deadly sins....

I like this disc, but you could say that it's "derivative prog". It doesn't bother me though...

I gave this an 8... Another great mix from Rob Reed...voted down 1 point for being Dolby Digital only..
Rob Reed proves again that he's a force to be reckoned with in the world of surround sound mixes. In my book he's easily up there with the leading exponents of the format and deserves considerable critical acclaim for his mastery of the dark sonic arts! Seven is a wonderful progressive rock album based on the seven deadly sins but each sin has a twist in it's interpretation. The mixing is wonderful. Rob's well known for being a perfectionist and for his attention to detail and this shows in the way that his keyboards, Chris Fry's incredible guitar work and the vocal harmonies all exploit the surround field for maximum effect. Fully discrete track to channel abounds. The dynamic range is full with no trace of nasty compression to be heard. Once again it's an easy and well deserved nine and would be a ten but for the DD only format. But, as I have said before Rob's a master at getting DD to sound so much better than it has any right to so don't be put off by that. It's easily as good as many DTS mixes I have and maybe even some 48k PCM. At the time of writing there still seem to be copies of this available from the Magenta shop http://www.magenta-web.com/ so no need to pay crazy e-bay prices! :)
Its a great album, and a great great great mix. As it is already know by Rob Reed (Kompendium makes me drool), also gave it a notch down for using Dolby, same as Chamaleon Project
I like the Magenta discs better than the Kompendium project and would say this is the second best of the 3, but think they're all great discs. Dolby being the one minus. Sure hope he puts the next one out in surround.

I vote 9. I really like this one also, great mix and music.
This album clocks in at almost 80 minutes, and every song is a prog rock winner. Very reminiscent of classic Yes (with moments of Floyd, Supertramp, and others sprinkled in). Excellent musicianship and song writing. The sound quality is the best I've heard from a Dolby Digital recording (I don't hear any of the distorted cymbals usually present on Dolby). The mix is perfectly enveloping and discrete. I know I shouldn't be writing a review after one listen, but damn, this is so good I had too!! It's one of those albums, that when you find it, you're glad that you never gave up on the search for new music... there's always another amazing piece of music out there... you just have to look for it! 9 (minus 1 for Dolby).