MUSIC ONLY! What's Your Latest Blu-Ray or Blu-Ray-A, Concert or Music-Related?


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Wham! Bam! Thank You, M'am! 🥳🌈👑💥🤩

it's everything for a pair in this game! ✌️😝🎉



Wham! SDE Surround Series Blu-ray's 19 & 20 "Fantastic" & "Make It Big"

(incl. the ultra rare edition of "Make It Big", with the slipcase printed in "Fantastic" upside down-o-vision!! 🥳✌️💘
Keane "Hopes And Fears 20" SDE Surround Series Number 21 (HFPA Blu-ray w/Dolby Atmos, 5.1 & Stereo)



(colour came out wonky on 2nd pic, green's deeper and less vivid, closer to 1st pic in reality 😅 as other QQ-ers have reported already there's no wee booklet included this time round 👍 no idea when i'll get to actually play it but hopefully sometime this year! 😂 )
Quadio bundle No.4 has arrived in the UK, despite being sent in that flimsy card packaging again, thankfully no breakages this time. I guess they have a warehouse full of them and will continue to ship in them until they run out.
I chose the Roberta Flack to play first, fantastic sound and I couldn't help thinking that people who have small rear speakers are going to miss out on that healthy thud in the right rear during Killing Me Softly.
The only example of these four I am familiar with is the Hot Tuna of which I have a DVDA conversion, this new Blu-ray of course, sounds much clearer and better.
I'm still waiting to find out if my Queen - Rock Montreal + Live Aid disc 2 is going to be replaced. I sent them a pic of what look like blemishes on the disc but heard nothing since Monday. Disc 2 never makes it to the menu. :(