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Mar 9, 2002
I came accross an interesting articule on a newly developed one button surround sound mixer format ! And before you say, Not another matrix chepo setup ! Read this articule ! Very interesting Idea, and could make for some faster turn around on getting surround sound from stereo ! Like I said , READ the articule! They have some other interesting articules also about Surround Sound and worth looking around at ! They even mention QUAD!###
Hmmmmm... Interesting. I hope this results in true discrete surround sound. If it is too easy, it could get popular, and I wouldn't want to see all the record companies get like Silverline.

The Quadfather
Ralph, you echoed my sentiments exactly. Seems Silverline invented one-button, cookie-cutter surround. I hate to see a product that caters to this mentality.

Still, if the end result can surpass the stereo-to-surround capabilities of a Sansui QSD-1, then I might soften my stance a bit... I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

There are several approaches these days to taking Mono or Stereo sources and generating a 5.1 or 10.2 end product.

Some are more convincing than others. But I still find that they are lacking compared to a real 5.1 discrete mix from MultiTrack masters.

I agree.

Ultimately, I would like to see surround titles mastered solely from multi-channel source. There is no reason to produce these fake surround titles when both modern and vintage hardware processors can do the job just as well.

Well known 5.1 remix engineer Frank Filipetti was at AES in LA this year. And he also complained about so called 5.1 releases that were not clearly marked as such.

So, the sentiments are spreading...

I remain very skeptical. An SQ decoding of any material on a Tate is still not as good as a discrete mix. It is the same with stereo synthesis. Uriah Heep's "Demons and Wizards" decodes very nicely on a Tate, but I still await a discrete version. I suspect this will just tie up inventory and muddy the water. There's no excuse for laziness, and no lazy substitute for the real Mc Coy.

The Quadfather