Paul Draper's (ex-Mansun) solo debut Spooky Action comes in 5.1 (out August 11, 2017)


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Aug 2, 2008
This just in via Burning Shed:

Featuring the glistening synthetic soul single Things People Want and the warped voodoo-psych of Don't Poke The Bear, lyrically Spooky Action is a brutally honest record - an autobiography set to captivating and addictive melodies.
Taking its cue from Draper's two EPs - recorded in collaboration with Catherine AD (The Anchoress) - and long time Mansun collaborator P Dub, the album’s massively varied tracks move from the warped rock'n'roll of Grey House to the glorious widescreen analogue dream pop of Jealousy Is A Powerful Emotion.

Spooky Action is Draper's strongest, most consistent set of songs to date and represents a lifetime’s work condensed into 60 plus minutes of perfectly formed music.

Deluxe 3-disc edition in 48 page hardback book, featuring the album on CD, a second disc of bonus material, and a DVD containing the album in 5.1 surround sound and high-res surround sound stereo, and a short documentary. The artwork is by Steve Stacey, whose previous clients include Calvin Harris, Manic Street Preachers, Circa Waves and Lou Reed.

I've been secretly hoping for the 5.1 mix since I learned that Steven Wilson guested on the track No Ideas off the EP One - I'm not saying that the surround mix is by SW, it's yet to be seen. But there's a hope for a hi-res release, as the tracklist info states DVD-A at the moment. Fingers crossed!
I've got Mansun's 3 albums + Legacy and they are great, I got the email from burning shed about this release and followed the link to the song and had a listen but I didn't like it, then saw the price of the 2CD and 5.1 disc set and decided I didn't need it in my collection, so until I hear more songs that change my mind then I'm steering clear of this one.
I'm working from home and on the doorstep this morning was Paul Draper's "Spooky Action". Its a media book very similar to the one from Gong, with the 3 discs inserted in front recesses. The 5.1 mix is by Paul (PDub) Walton. I'm curious so I'm going to give it a quick listen before going on a conference call.
I'm working from home and on the doorstep this morning was Paul Draper's "Spooky Action". Its a media book very similar to the one from Gong, with the 3 discs inserted in front recesses. The 5.1 mix is by Paul (PDub) Walton. I'm curious so I'm going to give it a quick listen before going on a conference call.

Important question!

DVD-V, with 5.1 DTS, 5.1 DD, & stereo LPCM.

The mix by Paul (PDub) Walton (who also did all the Bjork) is more wrap-round/immersive than discrete, somethings are definitely in the rear channels, but it is very front centric. My seating is 'SACD' so closer to the rears with them toed in, if you have the classic Quad set-up, so central seating, you wouldn't notice so much in the rears without upping the level of them.

I really like the album, it has struck a chord with me! It is Mansun like. I listened to the DTS, did my conference call, then listened to the DD, and now the stereo LPCM. I think the DD sounds better than the DTS!

I found the sound a little 'thin', so lacking in mid-range, maybe too much top, and it does sound compressed in quite a few places. But having watched the short film on the making of it, this is the sort of sound Paul Draper was after, so it is valid as its the artists choice. It seems the album was recorded 'live' as a whole band, and I think that's why I think I really like it, that band playing together 'vibe'.
Just listening now and fans of Mansion should like this album.
I found this to be more than big stereo with quite a lot going on back and front, removing layers of density that exist in this. Certainly at times seems to use more than 8 tracks for the recording and overdubs.

Two differences of opinion on the mix I had no roblem with thinness on the DTS either.

Great album, and I think a good mix.
I'm a big fan of Mansun so was really hoping this word be a good and I'm not disappointed. The 5.1 mix is ok (8/10) and I'm with DuncanS as I found I had to up my rear speakers a little
Cult Leader Tactics, the second solo album by Paul Draper, is scheduled for January 28, 2022 release.
Once again, a deluxe edition is configured as a 3CD+DVD-V boxset with a 60 page book and includes a 5.1 mix (presumably by Paul ‘P-Dub’ Walton).

Former Mansun frontman, Paul Draper, returns with a collection of his finest songwriting since the bands’ imperial phase. Cult Leader Tactics, is a self-help manual on how to become a complete cult in the music industry and is his first solo album since 2017’s much-lauded Spooky Action.

Cult Leader Tactics offers a satirical analysis of the self-help manual genre. A guide on how you can get to the top of your chosen profession, or ahead in life and in affairs of the heart, by acting in a Machiavellian manner, employing dirty tricks or ‘Cult Leader Tactics’ to achieve your life goals. After experiencing these types of human behaviours and themes, the album arrives at the conclusion that the only true answer in life is love.

Paul plays the majority of the instruments on the album, including lead vocals, guitar and various Moogs and synthesisers. An album produced with long-time collaborator and acclaimed producer Paul ‘P-Dub’ Walton (Massive Attack, The Cure, Bjork) at Loft Studios, it also includes guest appearances from Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson and Gam of the band Sweat as well as featuring a 288-person C.L.T. Lockdown Choir.

Cult Leader Tactics offers a selection of Paul’s most focused and ambitious work so far, a brilliantly dark commentary on an industry he is all too aware of.

Track listing:
1. Cult Leader Tactics
2. Internationalle
3. Dirty Trix
4. Cult Leader Tactics In E-Flat Minor
5. You’ve Got No Life Skills, Baby!
6. U Killed My Fish
7. Everyone Becomes A Problem Eventually
8. Annie
9. Talkin Behind My Back
10. Omega Man (Feat. Steven Wilson)
11. Lyin Bout Who U Sleep With
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Speaking to Bruce Soord some time ago on ‘why the hell do people mix in 5.1 and then release in lossy format!!’ , he explained about the licensing costs and that this was the primary reason . However , goddamn , why mix this is 5.1 and then release that in super basic DD or DTS !! . nice mix though 😎
I'll second the request for a poll thread. I love Draper's dark sense of humor on this album - this feels like the kind of satirical concept Steven Wilson going for with The Future Bites, but with better execution (I liked TFB more than most, but some of the lyrics are painfully unsubtle). The 5.1 mix is really quite good, with lots of discrete percussion and backing vocals in the rear speakers.