PLAY Issue with Beatles - LOVE [DVD-A]?


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F it
I just went on discogs and bought a European copy from a seller with a US warehouse. Reasonable cost as above.
I will not be without this DVDA

I'm betting from the posts here that the problem is with US pressed copies.
If true prices will rise on non US DVDAs.
I thought this problem was only with blurays....I've had a couple of bad ones....can anyone say Bryan Adams....not DVDs
I reccomend everyone here test their Love DVDS.
Listening now. Visual inspection shows some imperfection at the outer edge, but so far first and last tracks play fine, and I am up to track 13 without a blip. Been a while since I listened to this one. I love it!
Broke down and bought a license for DVD Audio Extractor recently to rip my collection with MLP audio streams. I ripped my copy of Love flawlessly so if it ever does go bad, I’ll have a backup at least.
Because of this thread I was curious about my US copy. Played fine, and visual inspection showed no problems. I will break with common sentiment here and say if it did go bad, it would be no great loss to me. I am really irked that just as I get into a tune (usually quite nice in surround) it changes into something else, too soon. Like musicus Interruptus. But I guess it serves the purpose for the Cirque du Soleil presentation.
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Just spot-checked my disc—U.S. Apple/Capitol 0946 3 79810 2 3, matrix (1050416) 94637981092 01/02 (outer ring/inner ring), mastering SID code 0001 (both rings), mould SID code KKBV/KKNR (label side/play side)—in my Oppo BDP-103D. It autoplays, as expected. All tracks start, and I was able to fast-forward to the end of the final track (26, "All You Need Is Love"). The menu works, although the startup animation stutters. This seems to be an issue with many DVDs in any player since the beginning of the age of animated menus, so I doubt that's indicative of any data degradation.

There is, however, a spot of what looks like layer delamination beginning in the center of the disc:

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This whole discussion needs to be moved to its own thread.

Just finished playing my copy for the first time in years.
Plays fine on my Oppo UDP 203.
I bought my copy in Australia but I strongly suspect it was made in the USA. On the disk label it says 'Manufactured by Capitol Records Inc. Printed in USA'.
On the disk it says 01 79810V4.1A.
No visible signs of delamination.
I respect Soniks opinion above on the music and I get his complaint.
Nevertheless I replaced my defective nonplaying American pressed DVDA with the European pressed version which plays flawlessly. It is my theory only some American pressed discs are going bad probably from the same batch or pressing plant.

As a bonus on the European disc the snippet of I Want To Hold Your Hand in the medley uses the version with German lyrics instead of English.

Just kidding. :rolleyes:
My Love DVD-A loads and plays on my Sony UBP-X800 player, but hangs at track 22. I can skip to the tracks after that though.
I am unable to re-rip it though. DVD Decrypter gives numerous IO Errors while loading, and DVD-A Explorer loads it and rips tracks 1-21, then I get an "AOB" error at track 22, and cannot rip tracks 22-26.
Fortunately I did rip it successfully many years ago.
Is this some kind of defect confined only to this product, or can other discs fail like this with age?
Is this some kind of defect confined only to this product, or can other discs fail like this with age?
It was fairly common for optical discs to delaminate after time. On the original laser discs, this was occasionally referred to as “laser rot,” but it’s not from playing the discs, it’s from a very slow deterioration of the bond between the pressed layer containing the pits and the protective clear layer above it.

I believed those issues were all solved, but apparently not. I haven’t experienced that issue in any of my discs for decades, and I was surprised to see that a disc had started a similar delamination failure this late in the game. But if it can happen to “Love,” it might well happen to other discs, too.

I would have to say that it’s a manufacturing defect, probably caused by contamination of the resin used to form the protective clear layer, so it’s probably limited to that production run. That’s general information about the process and history of optical disc manufacturing, not about any specific pressing or release.
No pets, non-smoking, whole house air electrostatically and paper filtered MERV 13.
Cleaned DVD disc. Sprayed compressed air over all players' lasers.
NEVER had ANY issues with ANY* discs before.

[uh-hem] Yesterday...

Oppo BDP-95: Tracks 1-21 are OK, player attempts tracks 22-26 but no joy.
Oppo BDP-105: "Unknown Disc" error
Oppo DV-980H: "No Disc" error

DVD-A / ISBN: 094637981023

I put a ticket in with Oppo support, waiting...

(*Incidentally, the old DV-980H wouldn't read SACDs until I carefully blew some compressed air at the laser through the drawer opening.)

UPDATE: I ordered a replacement "near-mint" Japan issue. Oppo tech support speculates the DVD-A disc is suspect and asked to be updated. What tech support is as dedicated as Oppo and wants to know my result? 🏆
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