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Bob Romano

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Please post your thoughts and comments on this DVD release containing a Dolby 5.1 surround mix (y)(n)


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I'm going with an 8 on this one.
First, the pros: this is a whacky album with fun graphics and a fairly aggressive mix that suits the nuttiness of everything else. If you like the Gene Wilder film and it's music, you ought to really dig this.

The cons: I knocked off a point for the dullby encoding and because, occasionally, things don't sound as crystal clear as I'd like - for example, there is quite a bit of hiss at the end of the Oompa Loompa songs.
I knocked off another point for content - the aforementioned OL songs get a little repetitive, once they show up. It's like you get one every other song and they come too quick. In the movie they are farther apart, time-wise.

Don't let the 8 fool you though. Get this! Especially while it's a dirt-cheap prices. I think I found it for around $13 without trying.
I'm going to give this one a 9.
This is a really fun, very discreet mix, its a joy to listen to, someone else said this is similar to Oingo Boingo(Danny Elfman) and I agree its got that similar odd ball style to it but this puts a smile on my face every time when I listen to this recording.
I would have given it a 10 but knocking one off as DD, you can tell its not quite as clear and solid had it been at least a DTS or if a lossless mix would have put this one to 11.
If you don't mind quirky music you should enjoy this one alot as well.

A must buy, one of the most adventurous mixes I've ever heard. Don't let the Dolby scare you, it sounds great! 10
After several spins an enthusiastic '9' for me. My comments below are copied from the pre-release thread:

This is a wonderfully bizarre, subversive and whimsical reinterpretation of the Willy Wonka soundtrack - although I suspect it may not be everyone's cup o' tea. For me it is reminiscent in style to the Residents and Oingo Boingo/Danny Elfman. The arrangements are fairly minimal yet highly percussive. It’s an excellent surround mix with sparse, but effective, use of center channel. There’s a fair amount of elements being bounced around or actively panned but it’s all done appropriately to serve the arrangements IMO so no ’surround fatigue’ for me. Dolby Digital - bah! The sound is somewhat muted and ‘dark’ but I couldn’t say how much of this is due to the recording choices & process vs the DD. Oh, and there is fun and trippy computer animation accompanying each song.
Primus & The Chocolate Factory (with The Fungi Ensemble) is based on the music used in the original Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory film. It's a 1 to 1 match to the film's music and the 1971 soundtrack, with the exception of Semi-Wonderous Boat Ride (substituted for The Wonderous Boat Ride / Rowing Song). That means that the order and number of times a song appears was fixed prior to the start of recording. That's a very interesting and difficult constraint to have when starting a new album. It also means that the Oompa Loompa songs have to appear as they do since they have to match the original running order.


The 5.1-channel mix is adventurous and makes excellent use of every channel in a 5.1-channel system. The bass is strong without being overwhelming and while instruments often fly around the room, the effects are interesting and appropriate rather than tiring. To say this is a very discrete use of the 5.1-channel space is an understatement.

The music itself is quirky with a lot of rhythm and strange vocalizing that just makes for a very unusual atmosphere. The Oompa Loompa songs will stick in your head. I've had friends listen to this release who would normally not enjoy this type of music. Some really liked it, while others said it was silly or bad. Yet, all of them continued to listen to the whole album and make comments that showed they were still listening. Candy Man in 5.1-channel seems to hook everyone.

The accompanying video is psychodelic, hypnotic and always seems to fit the music well. The video is always in perfect synchronization to the rhythm of the music. Much like the music, it's hard to describe the video without seeing the video.

I have to admit being prejudiced against Dolby Digital. So when I saw this was a Dolby Digital-only release I initially passed on it. After hearing the YouTube promo of Candy Man, I decided this was strange-enough that I should pick it up. I'm glad I did.

This is one of the best jobs of mastering a Dolby Digital music release I've heard. For the most part the bass is sharp and the cymbals are clear. So, as much as I wish this was 5.1-channel 96/24 PCM, the Dolby Digital does not detract from the listening experience.

10 doesn't mean perfect in our polls (or else there would probably be no 10's). But, this is certainly as good or better than some of the quad recordings I've called a 10 prior to this. Yes, I would have rather had a 1080p Blu-Ray with 5.1-channel 96/24 LPCM but I'm not sure that would have added any enjoyment to an already enjoyable disc, so I really can't subtract for the chosen disc format.

My recommendation is to get the disc for no other reason than to give your surround speakers a good workout. If you like the music, then so much the better.

This disc is a Bo Derek (an easy 10).

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Wow, this is weird. Definitly something I'd never dreamt of listening to, if it weren't surround. But now I found, I like it a lot, especially the pretty sinister sounding parts. The mix is "surround as it can be", and the visuals are quite hypnotic. Hopefully no one has put in subconcious messages, telling me to send them my money - or to give it 9 points, as I did...
Wow, this is weird. Definitly something I'd never dreamt of listening to, if it weren't surround. But now I found, I like it a lot, especially the pretty sinister sounding parts. The mix is "surround as it can be", and the visuals are quite hypnotic. Hopefully no one has put in subconcious messages, telling me to send them my money - or to give it 9 points, as I did...

9 for me too. Fun music, lots of good sounding surround, it will get many listens.

As for subconcious messages, unfortunately when I played it with my kids in the room, the visuals were making them ask for more and more chocolate!
It's great only drawback for me is the above mentioned hiss which reduce a perfect score to a 9
Well I did finally get this after much thinking about it for £10 from Amazon, I was looking for something different.

Had a quick listen today and well not what I was expecting at all a complete deconstruction of the original soundtrack.

funky and active !!

will vote after a proper heads down high volume listen.
Late to the party on this one, but this is one of the best balls to the wall 5.1 mixes I've ever heard! Excellent! Very much in the vein of the Flaming Lips Yoshimi 5.1 in its adventurousness and more importantly it opens up and actualizes the music. Creates a solid 3D soundstage with different music/sounds above and to the side of the listener.

I, too, had reservations about getting Charlie, due to it only being dolby digital (sounds more like DTS, again very impressive) and the fact that, well I wasn't too interested in hearing this soundtrack in any form, but the music is solid. I can't say that I'd get it without the excellent mix, but it was better then what I was expecting.

Mix: 10
Music. 6.5
After getting and loving the Seas of Cheese BD, I had to give this a try. Another reference quality surround mix in my book! While I prefer lossless, I have nothing against a good DD or DTS mix. DD or not, this mix sounds awesome on my system with my ears. So many different tones/processed sounds and they sound clear, present and with a great deal of weight. I delighted in the novel sounds and esp. their expansiveness; this is a totally immersive mix. Plenty of discreteness, added depth and fullness, and lots of panning. But nothing gimmicky- it all served the music and the atmosphere.

I read the word subversive above and that was something I thought of as I was listening to Candyman. I don't know the movie or the songs, except I've heard that one before and it gave a dark and sinister feel to what I imagine is originally bright and airy. And the dark vibe seemed to be present throughout the album, seeming to go beyond the surface to a dark underbelly. Very effective and I found myself often chuckling, sometimes at the incongruity, sometimes at the outlandishness, sometimes at imagined disdain and sometimes for no apparent reason.

Loved the experience, key of which was the music but also aided by the visuals. I enjoyed the abstract visuals of Cheese more, but those here were a great addition to the whole experience.

Another 10 in my book! Turning in to a Primus fan- they really suck! Just wish there were more surround mixes. Les Claypool appears to me to be a great bassist, composer and producer.