HiRez Poll Prince & the New Power Generation - DIAMONDS & PEARLS [Blu-Ray Audio (Dolby Atmos)]


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Another from the backlog pile. I sit in the, this is a pleasant surprise mix, I have found the bigger the artist the less interesting the surround mix is. This is the opposite, plenty happening all round. The only Prince album I owned on CD baring hits comps, just gott Betta, Very high marks again.
Same here…

Just this week (since I have time off from work) I made another change & moved the “real” height speakers from the front to the middle of the room - which was again an improvement…

I’m sure just when I get it all figured out, they will invent Atmos+ and I will need 9 speakers…🫠
I also have my front height speakers in the middle of the ceiling rather than directly above the front speakers. While it may not be recommended by Dolby, it makes the separation between height and front more noticeable. Otherwise it's harder to discern.

And so It's not off topic, I like this album. :)
Personally i am.not inpressed with this mix.
Was excited to have a listen on my 11.1.4 setup and wow underwhelmed is not the word.

Tried every possible setting and all i get is this female singer whaling her lungs out of my left hand side speakers and eveyone and everthing else quiet in the centre, tops, right x 2 and rears x 6 almost non existant. Waste of money for me..
Just doesnt impress me at all. Would rather stick to my sacd discs they always hit the spot.
I'm not hearing anything of the sort on my system.
I would be deeply disappointed, if I were.
This sounds and balanced.