Q&A: Bruce Soord on It Leads To This, remixing The Pineapple Thief's second epoch in Dolby Atmos, and more! (IAA)


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Jan 1, 2010
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Very nice, Jonathan. Often the nuts and bolts of what bands or artists do don't interest me a lot, but Soord is a fascinating guy and his music it seems is always great whether solo or with TPT.
His remarks about working remotely instead of sitting around jamming with the band for some reason just seems to fit his personality. Fascinating.

It would be fantastic if we could get an Atmos mix of All This Will Be Yours, since that's my favorite solo album of his. Please put in a little hint every time you talk to him!

But on the other hand I'm sad to hear that some entity with Sony prevents some projects from taking on steam. Or at least that's the way I read it. wth is it about Sony with their fingers in everyone's pie? I know they are a positive force in the entertainment world, that's a given. But Sony et al always come off as control freaks to me.
The second box set will be another winner. A little speculation what will be in it. These are the albums and EPs that have been released in the middle years:

What We have Sown (2018 remaster includes 3 bonus tracks)

Tightly Unwound (later 2CD reissues include the Dawn Raid EPS)

The Dawn Raids Part One and Part Two (EPS to Tightly unwound)

Someone Here Is Missing (reissue include a bonus track and songs from the Show A Little Love mini-album)
Show A Little Love (mini-album)
the Open Water single only track mentioned in the interview is also from this period

All The Wars (including More Wars, accoustic versions of the songs)

Build A World EP (EP to All The Wars album includign a few non-album tracks)

Magnolia (special edition included acoustic tracks)

That would be 5 studio albums plus a wealth of known bonus tracks (let alone any unknown bonus tracks as we saw with the first box set).

Imagine tracks like Too Much To Loose and Preparing for Meltdown in surround :51QQ
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According to the Blu-Ray booklet, it was a guy called Antoine Fafard.
Antoine Fafard is a very talented guitarist and bassist. Proto Mundi, his 2017 solo album, is definitely worth checking out. He’s accompanied by Simon Phillips, Jerry Goodman and Gary Husband. It came with a second disc entitled Doomsday Vault that features Antoine along with a who’s who of great drummers. Good stuff!
Yeah, there's the "Live 2014" set that was released as a 5.1 download via Burning Shed. I think that may have been Bruce's first-ever surround mix?
I think it is. At that time TPT had its own online forum and I remember Bruce was asking about creating FLAC, probably for the Live at 013 from 2013. It is just an amazing journey for Bruce as a musician and mixer and TPT as a band.