Q8: Bell & Howell 3120 (1971) Quadraphonic 8-Track and rear channel amp.


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Aug 30, 2012
Here is a strange bird that I got tonight! Bell & Howell 3120 quadraphonic 8-track. Hardly any info/pictures on the net about them. Who has heard of Bell & Howell making 8-track decks anyway? I did find an old newspaper article on it and they came with two speakers (if you see the back there is quad line out but only two speaker jacks). You were meant to use it as a rear channel amp/speakers with your existing stereo so you could enjoy the wonders of quadraphonic 8-track without buying a whole quad system (other companies made more complex rear channel amps, even marantz, but the idea never really took off due to the point that you should have matching amps and speakers for quad). In any case this is cool. I don't think Bell & Howell made any consumer electronics in house, and looking at the deck, it looks very Wollensak-ish. And is built heavy enough to be. I haven't looked under the hood yet but through the vent, the motor appears to look large and robust. What is your take? Who do you think manufactured it? I love the tacky hype sticker. The year is 1971.


I have one of those. Or did....not sure if I still have it as I haven’t seen my storage for awhile. I have so much stereo gear amassed that I think one day soon that I am just going to keep a few select pieces and have the rest hauled to the dump. It would be too much trouble to sort everything out and sell. Or maybe just give it away on Craigslist?